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De Fideli Administratione
Posted by: Seele, Galactic Empire
Date: Year 21 Day 95 Onboard the Golan II Raithal II Sentry in system Raithal (50, 123).

RAITHAL II (INB) - The Imperial Union Defence Committee has formally broken the ongoing secrecy regarding the Imperial Union’s activities and plans for the occupied territories of the former New Republic. Ending the two-month silence on ongoing military operations, Defence Committee spokesman Major General Christopher Lothbrok announced the Imperial Union’s strategy to secure worlds and establish effective governance over the newly claimed worlds.

The briefing identified the key strategy of the Imperial Union as being one of careful and peaceful transition to the new arrangements for governance. Chief within this plan has been the use of military forces only to assist the local police forces, or to fill gaps where some elements of police forces have refused to recognise the legitimate reign of the Imperial Union. Although General Lothbrok acknowledged not all of the local constabulary were willing to recognise or follow Union law, he emphasised these were rarities and citizen safety was quickly assured through the use of Imperial Union forces as temporary reinforcements.

There to Help: An Imperial Officer Explains Customs Policies to Local Staff

Outlining the allocation of Imperial Union forces, it was confirmed that the Galactic Empire had assumed governorship and occupation of the Csilla, Ehosiq, Sluis, Danjar, Mayagil, Garis, Brema, Grumani, Quess, Savareen, Arkanis, Grohl, and Abrion sectors. These operations were largely aimed at restoring order on these worlds, with consistent reports indicating that small portions of the populace across a number of worlds had turned violent. Refusing to be drawn on the number of troops drawn from the Imperial’s military to form occupation forces, the General did indicate that a number of Imperial Governors had declared martial law on isolated worlds to deal with protests and riots, but expected these movements to die out soon.

Meanwhile, The Faerytail Family was shown to have dispatched forces to the Zoraster, Trax, Mytaranor, Ghost Nebula, and Marasa Nebula sectors. Similar to the Galactic Empire’s peacekeeping forces, Faerytail’s military has eased transition to Imperial Union governance, with few reports of violence or crack-downs coming from these regions. This was backed by General Lothbrok’s report that Faerytail was focused on fortifying the worlds from likely Galactic Alliance attempts to invade given their proximity to The Resistance and Triumvirate Coalition; strong supporters of the defunct New Republic.

Restoring Order - Imperial Military PAtrols Assist Local Police Forces

The Tesario Star Kingdom and Black Sun militaries are known to currently be engaged in active conflict due to an increase in military deaths and casualties being reported by families of injured and lost soldiers. While the Defence Committee has confirmed a series of border skirmishes have taken place after aggressive actions by forces of The Resistance, additional information about events within the region were avoided by General Lothbrok who cited a need to maintain operational security for that area of operations. Operational security of this nature has typically only been seen during preparatory phases of military campaigns, with several analysts predicting the surrender of the New Republic having pushed the Galactic Alliance into rapid and large-scale counter-action. Traditionally lethargic border controls between the Imperial Union and Galactic Alliance have been dialed up, with many sentients finding it much harder to traverse, and traders suggesting tensions are running exceptionally high with a noticeable increase in military patrols and aggressive customs inspections.

With the galaxy sitting on edge for the past two months, today’s briefing by the Imperial Union’s Defence Committee is a sign to many that the collapse of the New Republic is settling into a new status-quo, and we are likely to see the expanded Imperial Union stabilise in the coming months as planets become accustomed to their new government.

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Events in Brief
Year 23 Day 214: A new military force emerged today. Death Watch is a Pirates group and will be led by Lazarus Grimm. The first headquarters of Death Watch opened today in Vaar'bral on Qiilura.
Year 23 Day 213: Tomas O`Cuinn, the leader of Blue Star Enforcement was replaced today by Victor O`Cuinn.
Year 23 Day 213: Victor O`Cuinn, the leader of Blue Star Enforcement was replaced today by Tomas O`Cuinn.
Year 23 Day 213: A new treaty was established on Celen today between governing officials and diplomats from Sienar Conglomerate; these documents formalize the transition of power to becoming a protected territory of the government, a move largely embraced by the citizenry.
Year 23 Day 213: Machiezmo Juggalo, the leader of Deep Automation Manufacturing Nexus was replaced today by Elegos Ryder.
Year 23 Day 213: House of Ballads has been renamed to Deep Automation Manufacturing Nexus. The press is still waiting for comments on the change.
Year 23 Day 213: Elegos Ryder, the leader of House of Ballads was replaced today by Machiezmo Juggalo.
Year 23 Day 213: Rather than fall in line with Sienar Conglomerate's recent requests, Celen issued a release today announcing that they have formally accepted the more conciliatory terms of a planetary body, and have declared Sienar Conglomerate a criminal organization on their planet.
Year 23 Day 212: Lara Navos, the leader of Cantrell Institute of the Arts was replaced today by Tann Sivron.