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Welcome to the Galactic News Service
Stability in Coalition Space
Hacked by: Tandis Valeek, Triumvirate Coalition
Date: Year 21 Day 239 Location Unknown

With reports of fugitives all over the galaxy as well as members of the Galactic Alliance moving their entire base of operations, the Triumvirate Coalition remains a pillar of stability in the center of the ongoing war.

While the Triumvirate’s civil departments could mostly continue their duties within the last few months, the Coalition’s Navy did see their fair share of combat. “With the confusion that followed the ‘surrender’ and the amount of forces with which the Imperial Union swept into Sectors like Trax, Mytaranor or the Ghost Nebula, there was little chance to stop them here. Our first mission was to support efforts in securing stranded officers and to aid those people fleeing the occupied systems which, due to our close proximity, was quite successful.” Consul Gath Perrin stated.

Afterwards, the Triumvirate Coalition regrouped together with the Rebellion pilots within Terr’skiar, a sector formerly owned by the neutral Trade Federation. “The New Apsolon deal showed to be the luckiest trade in Coalition history,“ stated Consul Dero Racto, who brokered the deal. “It was completed right before the Imperial attack on the New Republic, and was apparently not on their radar. We had an entire sector with very little Imperial reconnaissance, due to them still treating it as a neutral sector. On the other hand, we have heard unconfirmed reports of a small force of Star Destroyers emerging from hyperspace in the Twon Ketee system in the midst of a Trade Federation convoy, colonizing their new acquisition.”


B-Wing Squadron
The B-Wing squadron TMS Hoth deploy from an MC-80 Home One-class Star Cruiser in orbit above Istic I.

While the Imperial Union managed to overrun plenty of New Republic systems, their goal of sweeping through all its enemies in the Galactic Alliance afterward seemed too ambitious. “Maybe they underestimated us in general, maybe our regrouping in Terr’skiar threw them off, we don’t know,” Admiral Krakatoa stated. “But we doubt they will make the same mistake twice and, with our allies being pushed into the Outer Rim, TC will need to invest heavily in fortifying our defenses.”

So while the Imperial attack seems to have been fended off for now, the Coalition Navy patrols the stars with their finger on the trigger, and construction of defensive stations have already begun in various systems, supplementing the efforts of the Logistics Department, who are currently engaged in supply runs for the recently liberated Savareen.

TC convoy protected by fighters
A TC convoy of GR-75 Medium Transports transport raw materials, escorted by a fighter squadron.

According to Consul Perrin, the Triumvirate Coalition is “well aware of our new position, where we can no longer rely on the close proximity of allies and, instead, find ourselves to be the new frontline. Instead of New Republic and Resistance forces, we are now surrounded by multiple members of the Imperial Union. So, while we got off lightly in the recent attacks, we expect to be under a constant state of siege from now on. But, as horrific as the Imperial attacks have been, rebel forces in various places across the galaxy have managed to defeat them and impede the Imperial advance. The Empire is spread too thin. They are not as omnipotent as they claim to be. They can be defeated. The time for rebels to rise is now!”

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Events in Brief
Year 21 Day 251: A new military force emerged today. Void Wolves is a Pirates group and will be led by Ximaro Jix. The first headquarters of Void Wolves opened today in 14,1 on Drup II.
Year 21 Day 251: Ximaro Jix, the leader of Dark Star Hellions was replaced today by Greyson Abrams.
Year 21 Day 251: It appears today as though brute force is not quite enough to keep the citizens of Woldona VI down, as they have stepped up and taken power from the old leader, long hailed as a puppet of Dark Star Hellions, and forced all Dark Star Hellions-aligned politicians to resign their positions, ceding power to local control.
Year 21 Day 251: Void Wolves Pirates has been renamed to Dark Star Hellions. The press is still waiting for comments on the change.
Year 21 Day 251: Joel Mortuus-Aquila, the leader of Void Wolves Pirates was replaced today by Ximaro Jix.
Year 21 Day 251: Ximaro Jix, the leader of Zann Consortium was replaced today by Kyota Navic.