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Galmart: Once You Shop You Can't Stop
Posted by: Jeff Dredd, Arakyd Industries
Date: Year 22 Day 246 Onboard the Depot Station IV [XC] GalMart Depot D4 in system n/a (-20, 310).

You turn on your holo-projector as you start to make a Manpha-fowl sandwich.

"... And that's how plumbuses get made. Next, the news."

A Duros anchorman appears on your screen.




"Hello folks, this is Goncar Ishii, bringing you the latest news of the northern sectors of the Galaxy. Our first story tonight: a new iteration of an old and well-known retail sales enterprise: Galmart. We go live with reporter Dhon Jeere, who is at the new Galmart depot, covering their grand opening"

A small ugnaught appears next in your Holo projector. “An ugnaught reporter, what will they think of next?" you think to yourself while you have a bite of your sandwich. 




"Hello Goncar, congratulations on winning those physical datacards! Anyhow, we are here in the new Galmart depot, located near the eastern border of the Albarrio sector. We are here with SenBe Jeff Dredd, leader of Arakyd Industries and Senior Partner of the eXiles Corporation, he will now talk to us to officially announce the grand opening of their new retail project!”

As the reporter says that, the image pans toward a tall, well-dressed Siniteen with an inexpressive face, his deep voice making a noticeable presence.

"Welcome to the Galmart Depot, here we are after months of hard work, to announce our grand opening! Galmart aims to fulfill the demand of the galaxy with what we believe is the largest selection of products in the Galaxy, which will be available as of today. We hope this to be a new start in the eXiles Corporation history, we have gone through a lot in these last couple of years, being forced to start fresh at the North of the Galaxy, but now we seek to, once again, position ourselves among the bigger manufacturer corporations of the Galaxy"




The image enlarges, showing a big hangar with towers and stacks of crates, droids moving the crates around with watchful managers keeping tabs on them, datapads in their hands.

"Mr. Dredd, please tell us: how will Galmart be different from all other retail stores in the galaxy?"

"Well, it is a fact that big companies normally place a price on their products based on the market value. However, for the average citizen, this will not do. We propose a new scheme: we place a price that ensures us to grow, but at a fair price to the people! Additionally to that, we believe that having as much variety of merchandise will prove very convenient for most of our customers"

“That sounds like it’ll be a good deal for the galaxy’s denizens! What products will Galmart sell to the galaxy?”

“We will have a variety of products to sell for all types of customers. Galmart will have the largest selection of droids, and hunting gear and survival sets will also be sold. Even ores and vehicles. There’s a bit of everything for everyone at Galmart. We have been working to have several commodities available for our customers and visitors, we have an open trading station owned by our friends from the Hutt Clan for the occasional buy from the Galactic Market. We have a Luxury Space Colony to hire a few assistants from the local population, R&D and Shipyard stations are right now in the works, which will allow visitors to process hyperlane data and ship repairs. As a bonus, our depot is right next to 2 asteroid fields which anyone can use to either fight some bandits or mine a few minerals for themselves”

“Sounds like a great store! I might have to buy a weapon for when I go back to Tatooine… Please tell us where the depot is located, or how can interested parties find Galmart?”

“Our depot is located at coordinates -20,310, and you can find detailed information about our operation or place your order in our holosite: http://galmart.spaceyou can also visit Arakyd Industries CPM pagein which we post all our ship sales, and make your trip even more convenient”




“Excellent. Anything else you would like to add, Mr. Dredd?” 

“Oh, I almost forget, we will be holding a small giveaway, to enter, just place and pay for an order of 5 million credits or more before the end of day 270, we’ll have a few prizes, but the first place will win a brand new Arquitens-class Light Cruiser. And finally, just reiterate to the audience, come visit us, you won’t be disappointed. Thank you for having me Dhon, and remember, Galmart: Always low prices. Always.” 

“No, thank you for your time and this exclusive look at the Galmart depot! Back to you Goncar!”

You turn off your holo-projector, and start typing Galmart’s holosite address in your console as you finish your sandwich.

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Events in Brief
Year 23 Day 257: Galactic business registrars recorded the opening of a new company today. Mossy Ministries specializes in Manufacturing and will be led by Kir Jax. The first headquarters of Mossy Ministries opened today in Mossy Ministries on Leafar.
Year 23 Day 256: Truse`vala Ilone, the leader of Royal Vorsian Healthcare was replaced today by Nirvana Novaborn.
Year 23 Day 256: Quests has flexed its might and is occupying Wynkahthu. Admin bias?
Year 23 Day 256: Soon can't come soon enough for Wynkahthu who have declared Quests a rogue nation and unfit to govern.
Year 23 Day 256: Galactic business registrars recorded the opening of a new company today. Droma Logistics specializes in Trading and will be led by Marak Naar. The first headquarters of Droma Logistics opened today in New Arnak on Leafar.
Year 23 Day 255: Due to the increasing prosperity of Blue Star Engineering's autonomous production centres on Quantxi, and subsequently the settlements constructed to house workers there, the overall economy under 62nd Airborne Legion, has substantially weakened, while Blue Star Engineering has prospered and convinced the locals to elect them to the new ruling position.
Year 23 Day 255: Geran Nightshadow, the leader of Faerytail Trading Company was replaced today by Fraul Du`tan.
Year 23 Day 255: A new treaty was established on Drilbia I today between governing officials and diplomats from Rebel Alliance; these documents formalize the transition of power to becoming a protected territory of the government, a move largely embraced by the citizenry.