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Cracked Skulls
Posted by: Ximaro Jix, Zann Consortium
Date: Year 23 Day 103 Onboard the Bayonet-class Light Cruiser Mauvais Dentes in system Glom Tho (-123, 172).


 In a twist of fate, it has been confirmed that earlier this week, two prospects experienced in the ways of the galaxy, but not Zann Consortium failed an assassination attempt against a Consortium Circle (Council) member, Bork Shalas. 


The individuals responsible for the failed attempt known as Seth Bender and Sean Trinity are believed to have been lured into the idea of infamy and wealth by Harlan Hulikk the new President of the Skulls swoop gang, who promised each full membership with the swoop gang and a fair sized percentage of hundreds of millions for payment. The two were told each Zann member is worth  a sizable sum and various members of leadership a billion plus to a mysterious client . 


Thanks to information provided by Greali Roxbbris. Greali Roxbbris revealed that  there was no mystery client. Instead, Greali Roxbbris explained, Fang D`Wurm, a “patched” member like himself along with Harlan Hulikik have been utilizing a service which Fang owns known as the “Mr Wurm’s Bounty Board” to manipulate and use hunters to attempt to attack their enemies. Individuals like Master Bounty Hunter Sean Trinity and Seth Bender, are allegedly among many caught in the web of lies the Skulls have woven promising  wealth and membership, to defeat the galaxy’s scourge, Zann. Greali Roxbbris went on to say, the gangs' increased hunger for hostility against the crime syndicate, made him fear for prospects, like that of Daesha Tarkona.


Sean Trinity was quoted saying to Harlan “I’m an expert tracker, this Zannie cultist will be delivered in pieces if you like”


“Some of the bounties are from legitimate clients. Sadly, some are created by Fang himself to help the Skulls' agenda, like the bounty on Anakin “Scatter” Sky.” Greali explained assuredly. 


It is through this alleged business, that the two individuals approached Bork Shalas, in  an effort to manipulate Bork Shalas in an attempt to make him believe they wanted to become apprentices of the Nikto “Morgukai” religion. An attack that Greali Roxbbris insisted was meant to  benefit the Skulls, however, ended with both men being executed by Bork Shalas. 


Harlan Ulikk refused to speak with news representatives when approached about the event, but was observed by patrons inside the “Bad Alibi” tavern noticeably throwing objects and screaming various choice words at various patches, who were in attendance. 


Holo footage taken by ship surveillance cameras revealed the failed assault moments before Shalas killed both. Alessandro De Caito , the former President of the now defunct Outlanders and current steward to the “Emerald Ring” chapter of the Skulls, spoke publicly regarding the deaths  insisting  that Skulls were victims of an elaborate plan devised by  the Zann Consortium, and that he had proof that Defilers are lurking behind every corner. 


Ximaro Jix himself  stated “ With accusations like Allessandro has, who needs propaganda?” 

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Events in Brief
Year 24 Day 308: Liunb Kariya, the leader of Lethe Merchandising was replaced today by Joshua Eyre.
Year 24 Day 307: Kyota Navic, the leader of Zann Consortium was replaced today by Bork Shalas.