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Elysium Under the Sun that Never Sets
Posted by: Momo Rime, Black Sun
Date: Year 23 Day 187 Onboard the Modular Taskforce Cruiser [BSS] Kharon in system Gree (-20, 439).

A purple Twi’lek wearing a form-fitting gold dress with a Black Sun symbol embroidered over her heart smiles sweetly into the camera as she raises a microphone to her lips. Around her, an opulent hotel lobby can be seen, its walls made of white marble with black and gold accents. Above her, a massive jeweled chandelier casts its light across a tiered ceiling and onto a massive obsidian sculpture of the mark of the Black Sun. Motes of light dance across its surface as the chandelier rotates, leaving the impression of stars streaking across its surface.

“Good evening! This is Special Reporter Propina Ganda of the Black Sun News Network, broadcasting live on Revyia II! It is with great joy and excitement that I have been asked to announce the Grand Opening of the Elysium Resort Hotel and Casino to you all on behalf of our network’s esteemed benefactors! I’ve been asked to give you a brief tour of the hotel, so away we go!”

“Located in the ever-growing city of Shryke, construction on the Elysium entered its final stages mere months ago. Boasting thousands of rooms, its own artificial lagoon, and one of the largest casinos in the sector, this wonderful attraction is sure to excite.”

As she speaks, Propina strides forward, passing the camera. As she does it pans to follow her, catching a gorgeous view of white sandy beaches ringing a massive lagoon filled with vertex blue water. Children of many races can be seen playing in the water while their parents lounge either on the beaches or at one of the bars built into the water in the lagoon itself. “Access to the lagoon is available to all guests at the Elysium, complete with complimentary on site catering and state of the art automatic lifeguard services.”

After passing the windows, Propina steps through an archway into a vibrant casino. The center features a giant glass escalator, through which glimpses of other levels of the casino are visible. Slot machines can be seen in the background. As she passes by, a Corellian jumps to his feet cheering as a third Black Sun symbol slots into place and a holographic sign reading “JACKPOT” flares to life above it.

“The casino here boasts every game imaginable, from its 10,000 slot machines to its sabaac tables, it has everything you could wish for.” She pauses for a moment, indicating the stairwell. “There are four stories to this section of the building. Most hold casino games, though the highest VIP level also caters to more… adult pleasures.”

Ending her statement with a wicked grin, Propina continues the tour. Turning left, she enters another archway into a long secondary lobby. To both sides, the entrances to large banquet halls can be seen. Passing by, she points out the various ballrooms and their capacities as well as a magnificent concert hall to one side. As she passes by an mostly unmarked side hallway with a Black Sun symbol on either side, she slows again and turns to the camera with a straight face.

“Allow me also to put some rumors to rest. The one thing this hotel doesn’t host is a black market, even up on the highest level of the casino. I’ve seen everything here, top to bottom, and I’m certain that the rumors are unfounded.”

As she passes the hallway speaking, the camera pans down it, to a door guarded by two sentries with blasters while two native Revwien push in a repulsor-lift cart. A brief glimpse is afforded of a glass box at the far end of the room. In it, suspended to grant a better view, is a hand holding a silver cylinder. The moment passes and the hallway is lost to view. Coming full circle, Propina arrives back in the grand lobby. She turns herself so that the front desk is visible behind her.

“And that’s the whole hotel! The Elysium is now open for business and accepting reservations! So come to this bastion of luxury and pleasure, and enjoy yourself under the sun that never sets. This is Special Reporter Propina Ganda, signing off.”

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