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The Slime Rancher
Posted by: Klec Tormo, Zann Consortium
Date: Year 23 Day 261 Onboard the Kandosii-type Dreadnaught [ZCC] Persephone in system n/a (355, -221).



Today members of the Hutt Council confirmed that the Hutt Clan, previously controlled by Burgga Kostijic Mafa, had recently been seized by the crime syndicate and rogue government Zann Consortium.

 Among the captured assets was Burgga’s own body which was suspiciously already frozen in carbonite. Verifying the events Dakin Strachan, Burgga’s previous Consigliere, explained when Consortium mercenaries stormed the Hutt palace they were met with minimal resistance from outside guards, who were quick to surrender. Meanwhile Defilers were able to secure over 60 empty escape pods designated as “coffins” built by HC engineers specifically for known Defilers and syndicate associates in a poor attempt at psychological warfare. Dakin confirmed that the names on the coffins were supplied by intelligence operatives of the Blue Star Dominion, who have long conducted surveillance of who they believed to be Zann Consortium agents.

 The Hutt Clan, derived from an accumulation of influence and success with black-market trading company Port Nowhere and the destruction of the previous “Hutt Cartel” mercenaries. Long speculated to be a front for the Aurodium Legion government the Cartel was no match for the rising ambitious young Hutt who forged a conglomerate known as "The Hutt Clan Consortium”. Following in Port Nowhere’s footsteps, Mafa evolved the clan into a fully-fledged criminal organization specializing in spice trade, slicing and smuggling where they made both allies and enemies among other nefarious types around the galaxy. In time with their increased notoriety, the Hutt Clan eventually decided they would set their sights on Zann and vowed to destroy the crime syndicate.

Following the overthrow, Saiko - Komon (Chief Advisor) Kyota Navic and Crime Lord Ximaro Jix were observed by multiple witnesses posing for various holo photos celebrating their victory.

When asked about the recent events, Kyota Navic commented “The Hutt Clan learned a valuable lesson: We don't rest until we get our enemies.”  Ximaro Jix identified that Hondo Walker, Zann Circle (Council) in charge of “Racketeering”, would assume control of Mafa's criminal enterprise in the near future.

The recent violence underscores the actions and corruptive influence Zann Consortium continues to force upon the civilized galaxy and underworld alike. With The Skulls Swoop Gang rumored to be one of the next targets in Zann’s crosshairs, no offical word has been given as of yet.

Until next time, remember everyone is scum to someone, Zann just doesn't deny it.


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Events in Brief
Year 24 Day 299: Nohv Schiller, the leader of Rendili StarDrive was replaced today by Siraloth Xivah.