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Population surge strains public services in Abraxas
Posted by: Ogban Orineddi, Czerka Corporation
Date: Year 23 Day 282 From the Tavern Mirj'ontaf'fermen's Soggy Rodian Taproom in Czerka Corporation Bounty Tavern City on Abraxas I (-43, -291).

ABRAXAS, Yushan -- A rapid influx of tourism and new resident population threatens to overwhelm public services in Abraxas after the southern Mid-Rim system was featured on the popular holoprogram Cantina Rescue, on which hospitatlity expert Mirj'ontaf'fermen brings his years of hospitality industry experience and financial acumen to aid struggling establishments, earlier this year. In the Abraxas episode, Jontaff visited The Thirsty Sands Taproom, where owners Zeebo Zarcak and Bromf Gurko struggled financially because Zarcak insisted on desert-themed decor -- despite an oceanfront location -- that did not inspire drinking as he thought it would, while Gurko repeatedly threatened patrons because he "didn't like them."

A promotional image for the Abraxas episode of "Cantina Rescue" with Mirj'ontaf'ferman.
Although locales featured on the show frequently experience a "Jontaff bump" as fans flock to visit them, one particular on-air comment by Jontaff may have had a more significant impact. "These guys are literally pumping their inventory from under the floor," Jontaff said on the show. "With an ocean of booze under them they have practically no consummable overhead. There's no good reason for them not to be making money. It's ridiculous!" The program then featured a brief segment explaining the ecological phenomena that make Abraxas I a natural distillery. This brought an influx of tavern and cantina entrepreuners -- some backed by major galactic financiers -- whose promotional efforts have attracted a greater than usual surge in tourism, dramatically altering the planet's economy.

An Advozsec miner on Abraxas I.Increased tourism has put a strain on hospitatlity, entertainment, and dining services, but not all of the system's new arrivals are transient. Moderate climates and cheap liquor have proven popular with both working-age sentients and retirees, and many have come seeking permanent residency. This has driven up housing costs and caused a glut of potential employees in the job market, which has upset some of the system's previous residents. One local miner, who declined to be named, said, "I came to this system from Riflor several years ago because I was tired of rebuilding every time a volcano wiped out my home. The mining jobs were good, and you could always get a quiet drink after your shift. I built a good life for myself. Now every pub is infested with newcomers and I practically have to stand on the bar to get service. I wish that Jontaff had never a'come here. They're ruinin' the place!  They should go back where they came from and leave Abraxas to Abraxians like me!  At the very least, somebody should stop any more of them from coming here!"

Abraxas Minister of Commerce Nel-Bana-Osco.At least one local official has a more positive assessment of the system's population surge. Abraxas Minister of Commerce Nel-Bana-Osco told Galactic News Service, "Abraxas has always welcomed tourists and other newcomers, and we were very happy to be able to work with SenBe Jontaff and his producers to show how much we have to offer. When I was elected by my fellow proprietors -- and let me say that I was definitely elected in a completely fair and perfect election and am definitely not a Czerkan puppet as some of my detractors say -- when I was elected tourism was already an important part of our economy, but it was limited to niche spas and retreats that, quite frankly, failed to take proper advantage of our most abundant resource. Now, the seawalks are teeming with commerce. Our realty market is booming and the construction unions report they are putting up new homes and commercial properties as fast as building inspectors can approve them. The spas and retreats have more guests than ever and our shuttle pilots' union is showing record profits as trips between the mountain resorts and tavern district have more than quadrupled! Even our healthcare industry is expanding, especially in the fields of mental health and substance abuse counseling. There really is no downside here."

Czerka Corporation Executive Director Ogban Orineddi.Like other systems in the region, Abraxas contracts its public utilities and social services to Czerka Corporaton, which is also the major industrial firm in the sector and, through its subsidiary Czerka Mining and Insustrial, holds exclusive mining rights in Abraxas. When asked for comment, Czerka Executive Director Ogban Orineddi said, "While Czerka Corporation is of course monitoring the situation in Abraxas, we are not in the habit of interfering directly with the governments in our sphere of influence. We are, after all, a comprehensive integrated solutions company contracted by various local governments -- completely freely and voluntarily, I might add -- and not a goverment ourselves. Besides, there is little profit to be had in a heavy-handed intervention by Czerka Security Forces.  Preventing new customers from coming to the system, as some have suggested, would be disastrous for business . That said, we do have a fiduciary duty to protect our investments as we fulfill our contracts, and we will take all appropriate and necessary steps to do so. To that end, we have reached out to the bounty hunters of the galaxy and subsidized guild agents' travel to and accommodations on Abraxas I. Even now, representatives from every recognized bounty hunter organization in the galaxy can be found in the various establishments there. They will be able to resolve disputes upon request and maintain order on an ad hoc basis as Czerka expands services throughout the system to accommodate the growing population."

Galactic News Service will have more information on developments in the Abraxas system as the situation unfolds.

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