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Tion Welcomes Zann to the Neighborhood
Hacked by: Klec Tormo, Zann Consortium
Date: Year 24 Day 202 Onboard the Corona-class Frigate [ZCC] DR Cronus in system Asteroid Field 68 229 QK (68, 229).




Reports of incursions into Tion Hegemony territory by the crime syndicate, Zann Consortium, have been substantiated today. Insurgents have successfully captured multiple planetoids in the Thanium sector, swiftly transforming them into fortified bases to advance the Consortium's malevolent objectives in Tion space.

Working in a coordinated effort, two small Defiler cells executed a joint operation that overwhelmed the roaming bands of privateers hired by the Hegemony to safeguard their mining operations. Despite the privateers' possession of cutting-edge weaponry, they proved no match for the formidable crimson-armored agents. The elite agents not only established control over strategic locations within Tion space, but also employed measures to prevent the privateers from sending distress signals to the central Tion government. Murmurs within the Hegemony suggest that the once formidable Tion Fleet has become lax, lacking the readiness to counter and expel the Zann Consortium from Thanium, even if alerted to the invasion. Individuals like Tony Alicea point to inept leadership within the Tionese ranks, accusing them of creating a passive and apathetic Tion Hegemony. The presence of arrogant elitists has caused significant political polarization within the once mighty government, fueling speculation about potential leaders who could rescue the faltering organization, as their current leader, Abraari To, grapples with the challenge of rekindling hope among the disillusioned populace.

Kyota Navic, Chief Advisor of the Zann Consortium Circle, has officially confirmed the affiliation of Dax Owok as a Defiler embedded within the Tion High Command. According to Navic, Dax had been providing Zann with valuable intelligence on the Tionese government and its allies in the Galactic Concordiate for several years before departing from the Hegemony and assuming an advisory role. It was in this capacity that Dax closely collaborated with Wane Willstone, a secondary Zann agent tasked with creating opportunities for piracy and providing additional support by diverting local patrols.


Tion Aide Tony Alicea and other Tionese individuals unaffected by superficial notions of superiority are bewildered by how Wane, an alleged former guerilla of Zann, could infiltrate Tion without arousing suspicion. This has raised doubts about High Colonel and Intel Officer Cody Marshall, who claimed to have thoroughly investigated the alleged ex-terrorist's background. Many Tionese agitators now demand the declassification and public disclosure of these records.

What is undisputed is that Tion space is swiftly slipping into the grasp of the Zann Consortium, as the marauders continue their forceful conquest of systems, a clear act of war. Furthermore, under Abraari To's leadership, it is evident that the Tionese operation suffers from rampant leaks that compromise the infrastructure, military capabilities, and the well-being of the Tionese people as a whole. They struggle to maintain control within their own home systems and constantly relinquish territory, assets, and influence to the infamous red devils known as Zann.

These brazen attacks by the Zann Consortium come on the heels of earlier rumors suggesting the presence of Defilers within the Tionese government extending beyond mere advisors and guardsmen. Hearsay, Crime Lord Ximaro Jix of Zann declined to comment on. Silence that is making many wonder if there's an impending attack meant for the entire Galactic Concordiate alliance as new systems all over the galaxy are regularly taken by force.

Stay sleazey, and remember the Tionese were easy.

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Events in Brief
Year 25 Day 144: Czerka Corporation, holding numerous systems, today claimed their independence. Czerka Corporation is now recognized in the Galaxy as a legal government.
Year 25 Day 143: Haor Chall Engineering was dissolved today due to bankruptcy.
Year 25 Day 143: Tyris Smith, the leader of Kuat Drive Yards was replaced today by Thion Roseland.
Year 25 Day 143: Thion Roseland, the leader of Baktoid Armour Workshop was replaced today by Kieran Pakbret.