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Might or Flight? Imperial War Machine Breaks Down
Hacked by: Eli Descartes, The Resistance
Date: Year 24 Day 247 Location Unknown

Resistance News Network (Kowak) – In a stunning military faux pas, the Imperial Navy has been forced into an embarrassing retreat from the Kowak system.

The ill-fated mission was plagued with issues from the outset. Supplies failed to reach their intended targets, communications breakdowns hindered coordination, and high value targets lacked escort, leaving the once-feared armada floundering in the ensuing clash. The gravity of the defeat was compounded further by the revelation that Rebel forces had advanced warning of the raid.


RNN spoke to one intelligence officer, who wished to remain anonymous. “One, maybe two weeks? That’s how much notice we had.” she began “Somebody high up got pretty sloppy, discussing fleet movements on an open channel.” Armed with this knowledge, Rebel forces were able to divert civilian traffic and implement a robust defense plan. Imperial pilots quickly found themselves surrounded and unable to penetrate the perimeter of the system, outmatched and outnumbered by the defending forces. With morale at breaking point, Imperial spirits were briefly uplifted by the sight of a Victory-class Star Destroyer exiting hyperspace. Imperial pilots, abandoned and yearning for reinforcement, rushed to rally around the warship, failing to realise that it had fallen into Rebel hands. The sight of their supposed reinforcements turning against them shattered the final semblance of unity amongst the Imperial ranks, triggering a frenzied and chaotic retreat.


Kowak, a strategically unimportant system, stands as a beacon of liberty and security. A system which symbolically spits in the face of a deteriorating Empire struggling to maintain its grasp on power. It is no surprise then, that the Imperial Navy joins a growing list of pirates who have tried and failed to bring Kowak to its knees. This embarrassing failure in force projection has sent shockwaves through Imperial territory, and raised serious questions about the corruption and incompetence permeating its ranks. A newly ascended Emperor, no doubt keen to cement his legacy with an early victory, is instead left licking his wounds and attempting to placate the vultures which now circle.

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Events in Brief
Year 25 Day 144: Czerka Corporation, holding numerous systems, today claimed their independence. Czerka Corporation is now recognized in the Galaxy as a legal government.
Year 25 Day 143: Haor Chall Engineering was dissolved today due to bankruptcy.
Year 25 Day 143: Tyris Smith, the leader of Kuat Drive Yards was replaced today by Thion Roseland.
Year 25 Day 143: Thion Roseland, the leader of Baktoid Armour Workshop was replaced today by Kieran Pakbret.