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Has Zann lost their touch?
Hacked by: Jonas Kanuteau, Rebel Alliance
Date: Year 24 Day 301 Location Unknown


On Year 24, Day 290, Defiler Tor Giidyc attempted a hostile takeover of Norvik, a small-time trading faction. While this was not the type of faction that the notorious terrorists typically targeted, what was surprising was the brevity of the takeover. In less than twelve hours, with Rebel support, the trading faction was back in the rightful hands of CEO Marcinius Turelles. It was confirmed that the Defiler managed to retrieve some petty cash, but the majority of the reserves remained protected. Following this failure, the Defiler in question, Tor Giddyc, has gone missing and is presumed executed by Bork Shalas for his failure.

In the early hours of Year 24, Day 295, the Zann Consortium, along with their affiliated factions, assaulted the Kowak system. It is believed they are attempting to redeem their reputation after their significant failure with Norvik, but this has yet to be confirmed. Under the command of High General Galvan, Squadron Leader Emyrald Voran, and Colonel Tidus Rose, the Kowak Defense Group quickly repelled the hostile forces with minimal damage to the garrisons until reinforcements arrived. Upon hearing of the assault, the Rebel Alliance allies sprung into action. With additional support from Director Jonas Kanuteau of Rebel Alliance Intelligence, Eli Descartes of the Resistance, and the entire Blue Star Dominion command team, they forced the terrorists into a humiliating retreat and regroup.

After their defeat, the twenty-five carriers were left wandering outside the Kowak system, often hiding in the asteroid fields for additional cover from allied forces. On Day 300, they attempted another assault on Kowak but were quickly thwarted by the Rebels. Lasting less than three hours and losing at least two corvettes, they fled again. As the Rebel Broadcasting Group arrived on the scene for live footage, they attempted to secure an interview with the command staff, but they were preoccupied with defensive meetings. Only Director Kanuteau was available for a comment. "Zann Consortium is nothing but low-level criminal opportunists. As you can see from their recent events, they are not particularly good strategists and can only take advantage of someone in a vulnerable position. You will see across the galaxy that Zann is losing its footing. The Rebels are establishing an impenetrable defense against them, and Rebel Intelligence has heard word that the Imperial Union is doing the same. Their days are numbered, and that is a victory for the entire galaxy!" Judging by the state of command in Kowak, it appears they are anticipating another assault from Zann, but not even the greenest officers seem concerned. According to a classified source, the reason for this lack of concern is that Zann has lost over one hundred fighters, seven heavy freighters, and five corvettes, while the Rebels have only lost sixteen fighters and one corvette combined.

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Events in Brief
Year 25 Day 144: Czerka Corporation, holding numerous systems, today claimed their independence. Czerka Corporation is now recognized in the Galaxy as a legal government.
Year 25 Day 143: Haor Chall Engineering was dissolved today due to bankruptcy.
Year 25 Day 143: Tyris Smith, the leader of Kuat Drive Yards was replaced today by Thion Roseland.
Year 25 Day 143: Thion Roseland, the leader of Baktoid Armour Workshop was replaced today by Kieran Pakbret.