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Puck Exchange Robbed by Pirates
Posted by: Krodo Rask, Eyttyrmin Batiiv
Date: Year 25 Day 64 Onboard the Corona-class Frigate Crimson Cutlass in system Deep Space (89, 2) (89, 2).

MOROBE - The Morobe Puck Exchange, where bounty hunters trade and exchange bounty pucks, was robbed by an intruder who stole all the bounty pucks contained in the vault. The intruder has been identified as Mitth Wake, a notorious Chiss Pirate.

Initial reports indicated that Wake was acting alone, but it has now been revealed that Wake was collaborating with Krodo Rask, Captain and Leader of the Eyttyrmin Batiiv, a pirate fleet that operates in the Outer Rim. Rask sent a holomessage to the bounty hunter community, demanding a ransom for the return of the bounty pucks. 

Hologram image of Krodo Rask.

In his holomessage, Rask said: "Ahoy, ye scurvy dogs! I be Krodo Rask, captain of the Eyttyrmin Batiiv, and I have a bone to pick with ye. Ye bounty hunters be the scourge of freedom, and I challenge yer authority to decide how free folk can make their own livin'. I see it as me duty to meddle with ye, so as to protect the freedoms of those that ye chase. But I be a fair pirate, and I believe in free trade, so ye can buy yer contracts back from me for a small fee, based on the level of the contract. Ye can find the prices on me new holoserver, which be the most secure and encrypted network in the galaxy. Here be the coordinates and the access code for the holoserver (, and don't ye try to hack or trace it, or it will blow up the pucks. And one more thing, me hearties. We denounce all bounties, both those sanctioned by guilds and placed by independent scoundrels, like those set by Son Tuul and the Predators Guild that they run. They be preyin' on humble merchants and honest folk, and we won't stand for it. So if ye have a bounty on yer head, or ye know someone who does, come to us, and we'll help ye out."

In a follow-up holomessage, Rask said: "And one more thing, me hearties. I be invitin' all ye everyday citizens, criminals, and even bounty hunters to join me cause and turn over yer pucks to the Eyttyrmin Batiiv. Ye see, we be plannin' to use the pucks to hunt down and sabotage the operations of your hostile or rival hunters, and to free the people they be targetin'. So if ye have a puck that ye don't need or want, or if ye want to get back at a hunter that wronged ye, then send it to us, and we'll make sure it expires before they can claim it. And don't ye think we'll pay ye for yer pucks, no, this be a paid service of sabotage. Ye have to pay us to ensure that the pucks expire, and the price depends on the level of the contract. Just contact us through our holoserver, and we'll arrange the deal."

The puck exchange is a service for the bounty hunter community, as it allows them to trade and exchange bounty pucks for credits or other rewards. Bounty pucks are devices that contain the information and biometric data of a target, as well as the contract and the reward. Bounty pucks are issued by guilds who hire bounty hunters to capture or eliminate targets. Bounty hunters use the pucks to verify their kills and claim their rewards.

This robbery caused a disruption and loss for the bounty hunter community, as many of them rely on the pucks for their livelihood as well as proof of their reputation with the issuing Guild. The fate of the bounty pucks and the ransom demand are uncertain. The galaxy waits to see what will happen next, as the bounty hunter community is struck by this challenge.

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Events in Brief
Year 25 Day 144: Czerka Corporation, holding numerous systems, today claimed their independence. Czerka Corporation is now recognized in the Galaxy as a legal government.
Year 25 Day 143: Haor Chall Engineering was dissolved today due to bankruptcy.
Year 25 Day 143: Tyris Smith, the leader of Kuat Drive Yards was replaced today by Thion Roseland.
Year 25 Day 143: Thion Roseland, the leader of Baktoid Armour Workshop was replaced today by Kieran Pakbret.