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Pirates Raid Conservation Group, Liquidate Assets
Posted by: Krodo Rask, Eyttyrmin Batiiv
Date: Year 25 Day 73 Onboard the Corona-class Frigate Crimson Cutlass in system Yavin (205, 280).

GORDIAN REACH - The Eyttyrmin Batiiv has struck again! The pirates raided and dissolved the Galactic Conservation Society (GCS), a group with ties to powerful factions in the Gordian Reach.

The raid was orchestrated by Tel von Sydow, Captain of the 6th Fleet of the Eyttyrmin Batiiv, with support from Krodo Rask and the 1st Fleet. The pirates attacked the GCS's asteroid base and nearby space stations, seizing many ships and assets belonging to them. Krodo Rask declared himself Governor of Yavin 8.

Tel von Sydow, Captain of the 6th Fleet.

After the raid, the Eyttyrmin Batiiv marked the GCS for dissolution, which will send the remaining GCS assets to open auction. Krodo Rask said in a statement:

"As my first act as governor, I hereby announce that Yavin 8 is welcoming the scalawags and scoundrels of the galaxy. We have plenty of space and opportunities for those who seek adventure and freedom. As my second act, I have dissolved the GCS and liquidated its assets to the galactic market for open auction. The leaders of the GCS lived a life of excess from their ivory towers, where they looked down upon the average galactic citizen. They claimed to conserve the galaxy, but they only conserved their own wealth and power. As a believer of free trade, I saw it as my duty to not only target the GCS, but also to send its assets to auction, ensuring the continuation of free trade rather than hoarding by the galactic elite. Let this be a lesson to all who cross the Eyttyrmin Batiiv: we are the true guardians of the galaxy, and we will not tolerate any interference in our business."

Krodo Rask, Governor of Yavin 8.

In a second statement, Krodo also appealed to the public to support his cause:

"If you are a supporter of the ideals of freedom and free trade, then support our cause so that we can continue to release assets back into the public domain. If you are fearful that you may be targeted, we are willing to discuss terms for protection."

The Eyttyrmin Batiiv continues upon their campaign of piracy and sabotage. The GCS is the latest victim of their raids, but it may not be the last. The question remains: who will stop the Eyttyrmin Batiiv, or will anyone dare to try?

Support Free Trade and Piracy

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Events in Brief
Year 25 Day 140: Baobab Merchant Fleet was dissolved today.
Year 25 Day 139: After reports of military and political leadership on their payroll, most analysts suggest that The Faerytail Family is the de facto power on Randon Asteroid Belt II.
Year 25 Day 138: The Industrial Confederacy was dissolved today.
Year 25 Day 138: While their coup has been condemned by many across the galaxy, Outland Mining Corporation has formed a government and assumed control of NaJedha, replacing The Industrial Confederacy.
Year 25 Day 138: Now that Outland Mining Corporation controls the vast majority of Jedha’s economy, its leadership has come to be seen as the real authority on the planet instead of The Industrial Confederacy.
Year 25 Day 137: Hondo Walker, the leader of Hutt Cartel was replaced today by Ximo Jobal.