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Welcome to the Galactic News Service
Depravity, Diversion, Desertion
Hacked by: Jonas Kanuteau, Rebel Alliance
Date: Year 25 Day 74 Location Unknown



“This is Tuk Rhim, a reporter from Rebel Broadcasting Group, bringing you an urgent update!

In the last 72 hours, the Rebel Alliance Intelligence division under the command of Director Jonas Kanuteau and the Rebel Alliance Military under the command of High Admiral Josh Jericho, has engaged in two missions against the Galactic Empire and its allies.
Tuk Rhim has received exclusive information allegedly from within the RA itself!

The first attack was executed to rescue Lilith Crowley, a second lieutenant in the Imperial Army.
After neutralizing the immediate threats, Jonas utilized the Force to restore her to a condition barely suitable for travel. She is currently undergoing surgery at one of RepMed's most well-equipped hospitals.

While Lilith was escaping the Empire's depravity and deserting her post, Kanuteau and Jericho formulated a plan to strategically set up a force for extraction.
This compelled ISB, Patrick Bisson, and General Corran Rall to pursue Lilith from the Sith worlds with the entire Amber force on high alert.


Rebel forces were able to sneak in and secure 5 Lambda-class T-4a Shuttles, 6 Sentinel-class Landing Craft, 86 various Tie fighters, and over 20 squads of Imperial Stormtroopers laid down their weapons in surrender, while many went down fighting.

We asked Jericho and Kanuteau what their intentions were with the confiscated assets. Jericho replied, “The ships will be auctioned off with the proceeds donated for food, clothes, and medical supplies to relieve the suffering on imperial worlds.  The fighters will be recycled for use in our humanitarian efforts.”  Following that, Kanuteau stated, “We do not even treat our enemies with such contempt and disdain, much less our own officers. It appears the Empire is facing some serious lacking standards after Empress Inwe Ventidius retired. Perhaps there is hope in the reigns of Thea Corine or Arya Solas.”


You heard it here first, folks! Until next time, this is Tuk Rhim signing off.

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Events in Brief
Year 25 Day 140: Baobab Merchant Fleet was dissolved today.
Year 25 Day 139: After reports of military and political leadership on their payroll, most analysts suggest that The Faerytail Family is the de facto power on Randon Asteroid Belt II.
Year 25 Day 138: The Industrial Confederacy was dissolved today.
Year 25 Day 138: While their coup has been condemned by many across the galaxy, Outland Mining Corporation has formed a government and assumed control of NaJedha, replacing The Industrial Confederacy.
Year 25 Day 138: Now that Outland Mining Corporation controls the vast majority of Jedha’s economy, its leadership has come to be seen as the real authority on the planet instead of The Industrial Confederacy.
Year 25 Day 137: Hondo Walker, the leader of Hutt Cartel was replaced today by Ximo Jobal.