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Welcome to the Galactic News Service
And so, the cycle continues.
Hacked by: Crueya Vandron, The Resistance
Date: Year 25 Day 126 Location Unknown

Do you know when the Galactic Empire is rattled? I mean -- panicked, desparate, really rattled?

Publicity. You see, for the Empire, there's no such thing as good publicity. Yet here we are. Two galaxy-wide broadcasts within a week, and a plague of "reeducation" officers spewing their vitriole all over the holonet. They are desparate to play it down, desperate to maintain the facade of so-called order. 

And so, the cycle continues. Senior Imperials try to do the right thing. To effect positive change from the inside. They are hounded, persecuted, branded traitors. They see the Empire for what it truly is. A system designed to protect the interests of the few. That's how you end up with a Super Star Destroyer stalking the Outer Rim, isn't it? Pirates pillaging peaceful planets, all because Imperial High Command valued the life of one man above billions of others. 

Do you know, this will be the fourth Imperial civil war that I've lived through? Time and time again, citizens and soldiers have risen up against their corrupt oppressors. I've been there, I understand better than most.

You see it now, don't you? 

Meridan's house of cards is fundamentally flawed. No system built on fear and paranoia can ever hope to prosper. But that's not his fault, of course not. He is simply the latest in a long line of weak men and unfit rulers. 

He knows that the real power lies with you, the people. 

That is why they are angry, scared, desparate. 

Now is the time to stand up. Now is the time to fight back. 

Now is the time to Resist.

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Events in Brief
Year 25 Day 179: After reports of military and political leadership on their payroll, most analysts suggest that Hapes Consortium is the de facto power on Arvala-4.
Year 25 Day 179: After widespread accusations of corruption by Hapes Consortium in Arvala-4's elections, it is unclear who is the rightful leader of the world's government.
Year 25 Day 179: With no one left who is willing to challenge their leadership or run for planetary office, Hapes Consortium has now assumed complete control of Arvala-4.
Year 25 Day 178: Zeison Sha Assembly was dissolved today.
Year 25 Day 178: After bitter negotiations, the citizens of Kalarba VI have relented and agreed to allow Confederacy of Independent Systems to govern them.
Year 25 Day 178: Citizens of Kalarba VI go to the polls this week in a referendum vote that is projected to remove Confederacy of Independent Systems from leadership. The world's future after the vote is still unclear.
Year 25 Day 178: Sons of Turul has been renamed to Children of Turul. The press is still waiting for comments on the change.