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Welcome to the Galactic News Service
Avance Stands!
Posted by: Ogban Orineddi, Czerka Corporation
Date: Year 25 Day 140 Onboard the Dreadnaught-class Heavy Cruiser [ASC] Soyak-Rainer in system Cerea (-106, -270).

A news anchor looks at the screen and says, "In our next story, officials from several corporations and Houses associated with the former Avance Coalition have announced the re-formation of that alliance after a recent summit on Cerea that included executives and dignitaries from Alpha Medical Corporation, Czerka Corporation, Interstellar Parcel Service,Skyglow Engineering, The Jensaarai, The Wraiths, and the Avance Houses Asclepius, ExHilo, Koi`Nonia, Valeo, and Vigihan. The Coalition has elected Ogban Orineddi as its Chair, Callisto Xaltir as Consul of Defense, and Gwindor Leldoran as Consul of Infrastructure."


The reunification brings together military and industrial powerhouses controlling the Trilon,Stensen, Bri`Ahl, Cerean Quadrant, Gendius, Sombure, and Yushan sectors who have each thrived individually (while clearly maintaining their own friendly ties) since Navik Ikron merged Avance's Founding Houses, Soyak-Ikron and Rainer, into the Trade Federation in Year 16 along with those Houses' holdings in Moddell, Zuma, Bakura, and Pacanth Reach sectors, and Avance's satellite holdings in Wazta and Wornal sectors. Because several of the Avance powers also maintain positive formal relations with -- or, indeed, are part of -- other significant powers in the region such as the Endor Pact, most galactic political analysts believe this will only further solidify the region's already-strong stability.


Dignitaries took questions at a press conference following the summit:

GNS: "How did this happen? Why now?"

Ogban Orineddi (Czerka Corporation, House Vigihan): "It's probably something we'd all thought about, but I think it was Ashura who first said it out loud. Some of us were sitting in a bar, having a drink and toasting to old times, and Ashura said, "I propose we make an alliance and call it The Avance Coalition." At first we all cheered like it was a fun joke, but we actually had all the right people in the right place, and pretty soon the jokes gave way to serious discussion. Honestly, with so many leaders of this caliber in one place, it was almost impossible something like this wouldn't happen, so I guess the real question is, 'Why not before now?'"

GNS: "Mr. Harma, you were CEO of Alpha Medical Corps at the end of the previous Avance era, and are CEO of Interstellar Parcel Service now at the beginning of the new one. Do you think this alliance will fare better than the old one?"

Ashura Harma (Interstellar Parcel Service, House Valeo): "Well, yes! The old Avance was a very centralized institution, and the House system was an attempt to soften that. Ultimately, that centralization that brought Avance's early success was later its downfall, as fewer and fewer people wanted positions of authority, and in general people became more involved with their Houses and less involved in Avance as whole. Soon, the Coalition's spirit of unity was gone. With the new Avance, we have a very agile system, in which each company is responsible for its own affairs and remains independently sovereign. This is much closer actually to the ideals of the initial charter than the old Avance was near the end. So, I believe we will endure and even become stronger

GNS:"Mr. Xaltir, you were Avance's Consul of Defense many years ago under Venix Soyak and Horthon Gorthy. How does it feel to resume that role all these years later?"

Callisto Xaltir (Alpha Medical Corporation, House Asclepius):“It is the highest honor of my career to once again defend and serve the citizens of the Avance Coalition. The perseverance of the Avancian people is unmatched in this galaxy, and today we reestablish our position as a true bastion of freedom.”

GNS: "Madame von Vigihan, as the oldest Avance veteran here, you have seen the Coalition's rise, golden age, merger, and now rebirth. What perspective does that give you on this new era?"

Arklari von Vigihan (Czerka Corporation, House Vigihan): "In the galaxy's tapestry of governance, reformation of Avance isn't merely an option; it's an imperative. To lead is to adapt, to evolve. With this act we are ensuring that our alliance reflects the needs and aspirations of every citizen, weaving their voices into the fabric of our collective destiny."

GNS: "Does 'collective destiny' mean giving up independence?"

Chara Kerman (Interstellar Parcel Service, House Valeo): "Yesss, you're right, joining our factions in this way could be seen as losing some of our independence, but it doesn't have to be. With the changes in the galaxy's politics, all of our factions were at the edge of a ravine, but thanks to this alliance, we have all taken a big step forward."

GNS: "What about people who are part of these groups now, but were not present during the previous Avance era? Do they know what they're jumping into?"

Ling Reen (Czerka Corporation, House Vigihan): "I am the only one in this room who is younger than the original Avance Coalition, but I learned from Arklari, Ogban and Vansic the ways of the galaxy. I learned hunting from Zao, many other things from Lister, production from Bannor and talked to others from time to time. I was raised by Avancians and I like the idea of bringing back some kind of spirit of that era." The Avance Coalition invites all former Avancians and friends of Avance to join them via holonet to remember old times and celebrate new ones as festivities are broadcast live from Gruber's Bar.


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Events in Brief
Year 25 Day 179: After reports of military and political leadership on their payroll, most analysts suggest that Hapes Consortium is the de facto power on Arvala-4.
Year 25 Day 179: After widespread accusations of corruption by Hapes Consortium in Arvala-4's elections, it is unclear who is the rightful leader of the world's government.
Year 25 Day 179: With no one left who is willing to challenge their leadership or run for planetary office, Hapes Consortium has now assumed complete control of Arvala-4.
Year 25 Day 178: Zeison Sha Assembly was dissolved today.
Year 25 Day 178: After bitter negotiations, the citizens of Kalarba VI have relented and agreed to allow Confederacy of Independent Systems to govern them.
Year 25 Day 178: Citizens of Kalarba VI go to the polls this week in a referendum vote that is projected to remove Confederacy of Independent Systems from leadership. The world's future after the vote is still unclear.
Year 25 Day 178: Sons of Turul has been renamed to Children of Turul. The press is still waiting for comments on the change.