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Red Star Rising in Elrood
Posted by: Maradin Sandwalker, Riviera Ship Shop
Date: Year 7 Day 325 Onboard the Shipyard 2 Ubnub in system Sullust (111, -320) on Year 7 Day 324 8:49.
Tensions in the Elrood sector continued tonight, with five new planets in two systems adopting an anti-GE government. An independent group calling itself "Red Star Squadron" (apparently the armed wing of Nova Industries) claimed responsibility for that act as part of the campaign for the liberation of Elrood. During that campaign, several systems have been liberated and the Galactic Empire has been defeated in a number of serious battles in the Lanthrym, Khuiumin and Tantra systems. In a Holonet release, the group announced the liberation of more than a hundred slaves of various races from GE construction sites around the sector as well as the capture of Sector Adjutant Pangborn during the battle for Tantra system.


The Red Star Squadron has been given vital assistance in defending their territories by the SoroSuub Corporation, which recently liberated the GNS headquarters from the Galactic Empire. A SoroSuub spokesman said: "We will always help people defend their homes. The murders condoned by Moff Kiltar in the Elrood sector are simply unacceptable, and we will remain committed to helping remove Imperial forces from the region. Governmental protection is the least that we can do to help our fellow sentients defend their freedom in their territories."

Moff Kiltar himself also narrowly escaped a capture attempt last week when pro-republican forces defeated an Imperial invasion of the Lanthyrm system. Although his Stormtrooper attachment was decimated, Kiltar managed to escape unharmed in his Mobquet Transport.

The continued rebellions in the Elrood sector only add to Imperial difficulties. Emperor Bonias has received much criticism for his waste of Imperial credits in the Glythe sector after an aborted coup and has more recently attempted to annex territory belonging to former allies, the Kathol Republic. After the latest defeats in the Elrood sector and the recent withdrawal of Imperial troops from outlying sectors, even loyal Imperial personnel are beginning to doubt the policy of their superiors.

Meanwhile, the loose alliance against the Empire - formed after several government publicly announced their support for the Trade Federation - grows in strength and now governs a larger population than the Empire.

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