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Seswenna Burning
Posted by: Onta Gogsur, Nova Industries
Date: Year 7 Day 331 From the Starport Port Freedom in city Pobeda on planet Alorthas (73, -430) on Year 7 Day 330 11:19.
Eremir and Arthemor, two planets in two different systems of the Seswenna Sector (which until now was supposed to be firmly in the hands of the Galactic Empire) have recently been taken in quick succession by the Red Star Squadron, the military wing of Nova Industries.

The move did not come unexpected for seasoned observers, for whom an expansion into that neighbour sector was the logical step after the humiliating defeats suffered by the GE in the Elrood sector. "Indeed, after securing these footholds, it is not a question of whether but when the forces of freedom are going to take control of Seswenna sector. The process is irreversible," stated Kurami Jankov, war leader of Red Star Squadron.

What most observers failed to predict was the utter lack of resistance offered by the Galactic Empire. In fact, bases in both systems were built on visible sites under the very noses of GE personnel, but no action whatsoever was taken to stop them.

"We expect a large number of refugees, newcomers and Republican supporters to enter our new territories," commented Hexx Harpy, Red Star member and leader of the republican constructions in the sector. "An ambitious construction programme is underway to secure adequate living space for these people. Without wanting to reveal too much of our plans, I daresay that this will not be the last time that Seswenna Sector is in the news."

Not all Imperial forces were slow to react, however. The following picture:
was taken from "New Empire", an underground newspaper allegedly published by an opposition group of GE officers, together with biting criticism about GE policy in Seswenna sector and barely veiled recognition of the effective and flexible organisation of Republican forces.

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