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(Posted by Selatos on Year 17 Day 162 20:36)

Update to revision 492ed5d705c14f09e1dce9553c8ec0a615ff5c70 (+26)

- Added floor, ceil, round, log, exp, modulo, and stochastic_round functions. Added cgt-second predefined variable

- New login-based CP rewards system; topsites have been eliminated.

- GNS RSS feed updated to include faction name of author (on new posts)

- Government upgrade sets incorrect min value (#4052)
- Hidden city reveal generates duplicate events (#1504)
- Crewlist events only sent from cockpit view (#1504)
- Merging of material piles owned by the NPC market is no longer possible (#3192)
- Fixed bug in is-traveling? check (#4005)
- Fixed subtraction discrepancy (#4049)
- Fixed issues with crate production (#4022,#4024,#4038)
- Scans have correct CGT date (#4033)

The topsites have been bugging me for a long time because those sites are not what they were 15 years ago. Now it seems to be filled with questionable characters hoping to scam users and I don't want SWC associated with that. Instead we are adopting a new system that rewards you, once per 24 hours, just for logging in/playing the game. The system currently works based on a window, where you must access the website between 24-48 hours after a reward to receive the next one, rather than using the calendar day to define the boundaries. The goal here is to help people who may only be able to play the game briefly on certain days, where that activity window may also overlap with the end of a calendar day according to the server, which could result in missed rewards. Continued activity over the course of multiple days will result in larger bonuses, capping at the maximum bonus on the 7th day without failure and every day after. The total CP reward should be the same as if you had voted on all topsites for the week previously.

You do not need to actually "log in" with your username+password; the normal activity checker for counting online players will trigger the check for you when you access the game in your browser.