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(Posted by Selatos on Year 18 Day 280 13:45)

Update to revision 0f04b5c2c1a85a7cbd06a7ae392ef45011685313 (+143)

- Clarified that character you want to execute must be in your party

- fixing truthiness in put-item return val
- fixing namespace for exception catching
- adding Exception message to put-item in case of failure
- added put-item to move items into containers
- adding ability to send admin events and get generic admin object
- added admin crewlist functions
- renamed container to entity in create-entity

- Added ability to set infofields via API (Web API Forum)
- Added generic web service identifier to DMs sent via API client

- Made heading clickable on manage tags page to toggle checkboxes (Suggestions forum)
- Recycling entities can now be queued in recycling stations
- Added crateable item property
- Changed privs required to view requestor-side "Build Request Accepted" events to the relevant can construct priv from the "build request" priv (Website Suggestions Forum)
- Added large customs to rules pages (Website Suggestions Forum)
- Assorted improvements to repair events (Suggestions Forum)
- Added index to productionItem ctool, added ability to search by leader ID
- Newly started production will take costs from and give produced entities to the owner of the producing entity, making production more like mining and recycling which already do this. (Suggestions Forum)
- Added city coordinates to CCC Manage Shields page (#4406)
- Added Infotext to ctool (editable and searchable)
- Added infotext to faction owner asset (un)protection interface.
- Added infotext to the scanner view for Droids/NPCs/Creatures for those who are eligible to see it. (#3560)
- Added infotext to the position view for Droids/NPCs/Creatures for those who are eligible to see it. (#3560)
- Merging from inventory will now merge all eligible piles that are selected and ignore ineligible ones (Suggestions Forum)
- Changed Custom NPC Approval tool from an NPC Team tool to an Art Team tool

- Fixed exploit allowing any character to be loaded into a bacta tank
- More CSV Inventory export fixes (#3331)
- CSV Output often has incorrect numbers of fields for rows (#3331)
- Error when sending arrest event when arrest on NPC fails and is in a room (#4526)
- Fixing another menu crash (#4519)
- Fixed some construction eventtypes incorrectly recorded as general events (#4517)
- Fix for menu crash on dev server (#4519)
- Added line to recycling rules page about cargo containers and escape pods not returning RMs (#4513)
- Empty Cargo container was spawned when recycling generates no RM (#4513)
- Fixing recycling regression where large piles would not fill an EVS properly (#4514)
- Repair events are an undefined type (#4510)
- Repair shows non-materials as required resources (#4508)
- Missing line break in recycling events (Unreported)
- Fixed bug where Unload button would show when unloading is impossible e.g in space (#4498)
- Fixed bug where crash when no entity selected for loading docked vehicles into (#4498)
- Deathmatch pages do not update the top menu properly as you change pages. (Unreported)
- Can upvote your own forum posts (#4401)
- Forum undefined variable when not logged in (Error Reporter)
- DragonCon2005 page undefined variable (Error Reporter)
- Markets owned by an Admin faction in an NPC-city do not allow to the NPC market (#4413)
- Added nonce to faction salary payment screen to prevent double-payments (#4491)
- Typos in equipment position view error/success messages. (Unreported)
- Command
- Scanning items from cockpit is messed up. (#4428)
- Bandit wrecks do not show up in the docking bay when docked. (#4310)
- Executing NPCs owned by the market fails AND no events generated for owner of NPCs when they're executed (#4495 & #1504)
- Removed inconsistent decimals from combat health bars (#4492)
- Cockpit scanner view shows shield bars for entities with no shields (Unreported)
- Could accept join requests without an HQ (#4496)
- Typos/Clarifications to Recycling rules (Unreported)
- Equipment page select all by type (and show/hide) fails when type has a space in the name (#4493)
- Fixed issue where bandit NPCs would be stuck in loop trying to get into range to attack (#4461)
- stop scanner crashing when travel action exists without valid path (#4461)
- Mass inventory merging of multiple pages of results crashes (#4484)
- Incorrect error when using non-existent property (#4487)
- Many entities missing large images (#3747)
- Summary view errors for RMs (IRC)
- Added missing event for change in HP as result of cybernetic operation (#4479)
- Typo in cybernetic preparation events (#4479)
- Clicking on movement from the ground travel scanner page does not permit clicking on the map to choose a destination (#4478)
- Mounted weapons aren't to have images (#3747)
- Event for merging RM piles through the inventory throws error (Unreported)
- ctool added discovered field for RaceAdmin (#3411)
- Revoking DCs revokes the DC, but requires page refresh to remove entry on page (#3878)
- Fix minor crashes in assistant actions tool (Unreported)
- Fix minor crash in inventory when asset image fails to draw (Unreported)
- Improved performance of event sanitizing when lots of events are created in one request (#3437)
- Fix bug with repair crashing room travel (#4480)
- Fixing issues when explosives are used with mining (#4477)
- Fixed a bug that allowed shows attack button between incompatible types (#4440)
- Fixed a bug that allowed combat between incompatible types (#4440)
- Links in some events link to wrong inventory (#1504)
- No assign event for faction-owned entities assigned via inline edit (#1504)
- Entity delete code was notifying construction action based on incorrect entitytype, causing construction to spam events about recalculating ETA (#4476)
- WS PHP SDK page throws errors (#4455)
- Fixed issue on dev server cargo view deleting piles (#4473)
- Do not draw descend travel view when not over planet (#4424)
- Disabled code that finishes travel actions on cockpit/position pages as they were causing database deadlocks (#4397)
- Fixed a bug where faction leaders could keep the ones they cared about from dying, ironic that the only people they cared about was themselves (#4449)
- Crash when attempting space combat with unknown target (#4450)
- Accessing old iff page caused crash (#4470)
- Tents show deploy button when they shouldn't (#4452)
- Internal action crash when removing entity from travel without valid travel leader (#4464)
- Sent messages get deleted when recipient deletes them, now always shows for sender regardless of recipient deletion (#4459)
- Fix crash when hailing stations (#4469)
- Cannot repair facility due to party issue (#4467)
- Can create squads of droids/npcs, but cannot add droids to existing squads (Unreported)
- Fix party view crash when trying to add to squad without selecting a squad (#4468)
- Crash when trying to tractor and can see a character (#4466)
- Error handler should catch PHP warnings (#4457)
- some factions not showing their datacards on the Rules
- Location API resource response cleanup, standardization, and documentation updates (Unreported)
- Adjusted old custom list to current custom system and added link under CP Exchange (Unreported)
- Fixed tool to manage custom image records (Unreported)
- Fix fatal error in enumTransactionSource
- off by one error in transaction->release causing production actions to crash with weird error (#4350)