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(Posted by Kyle Rainer on Year 20 Day 106 22:34)

- Tweak Item and Droid Deployment to use Properties to allow easier ability to allow entities to deploy.
- Add message in inventory is asset is docked inside a deleted entity.
- Minor optimization for boarding NPCs via party screen
- Undock redirect to main cockpit screen rather than travel screen
- Allow submitting build permissions for any city (not just the city you are in) when on a planet

- Faction Asset Protection Rules Added to Factions Rules Page
- Computer Control Centre Section added to Cities Rules Page
- Add which faction type and what facility / station used to produce entities to rules page
- Correct Stocks Percentage required for ownership on Faction Creation
- Update wording on Bacta Creation Rules Page
- Combine Points Rules Page Added
- Custom Image Rules Page Added
- Custom NPC Rules Page Added
- Entitty Deployment Rules Page Added
- Update GNS Rules Page to include corvettes as viable places to post from.
- Update Medicine Rules Page to include Kolto Patch

- Fix issue where cannot unassign asset when faction assigned as commander
- Fix issue with Faction creation where sending wrong parameters to transfer credits
- Fix InventoryList API
- Minor Boarding Position View bugs
- Materials split interface number inputs and maximum limits on number of piles.
- Fix undefined variable on vehicle load screen
- Fix issue with xml scanners error when in ship and npc in scan results
- Fix issue when atmospheric damage would not generate an event

Edit: Vertical Lockers are now Deployable in Rooms.

Edit: Custom Images have also been improved with some new features. Ulrike will likely do a post to better explain that in greater detail in the next day or two.

(Edited by Kyle Rainer on Year 20 Day 107)