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(Posted by Mikel von Bianchi on Year 20 Day 159 11:06)

- The links to the RSS feeds (sim news, gns, gns flashnews) have changed. If you use the RSS feeds, please update the feed URLs using the icons on the page.
- Fix multi page inventory select bar bug introduced with last sync
- Missing check for Control Room privs when loading materials when not assigned pilot/commander
- Fix XSS in map city tooltip
- Fix issue with pending GNS posts crashing after faction rename
- Fix equipment screen page crash with items with large W/V.
- Medical item UI now only shows things that have taken damage.
- Droid repair UI now only shows droids that have sustained damage.
- Emptying large cargo containers will now only remove the first 100 items from them at a time.
- Fix issue where no error generated when trying to kick from full ship while you are aboard a full ship (#5277)
- The talk/interact button now only shows if you can actually talk
- Spawned bandit squads and hostile creatures are no longer grouped in squads (they are still grouped in "parties", will show up nicer on scanners)
- Vision summary now shows class names for vehicles and ships, and will show wrecked status. Shows Yellow Tutorial NPCs correctly.
- Station image lookup code fixed (depot station icons)
- Battle Reports Cleanup: does not repeat showing combatants, shows damage done on status bars. 
- Mining, droid repair, NPC skill upgrade events linkified
- Maps now have faint gridlines, this can be disabled in the look and feel settings page.
- Show icon for patrolling on vision scan box.

Party Screen changes:
- Your own party is now shown as a horizontal section rather than a box offside
- Your remote infantry squads are shown on a new Squads page, rather than on the party page. Only squads at your location will be shown on the party page.
- Show fire delays on party screen

Equipment screen changes:
- "NPC Control" Equipment screen is removed and replaced with regular character equipment screen
- "Unclaim" and "Undeploy" options on items are now hidden behind "Info" button on equipment screen
- "Take from Crate", "Claim", "Unclaim", actions now work without reloading the page
- Crates of items will now show under their contained items category instead of under "Storage"
- Minor look and feel changes, added select all for equipped items and hide button for equipped items

- Bandit droids and bandit ships are shown on the respective rules pages.
- Clarified rules regarding what positions recreates can be given in a faction.

- Fix issue with force quest talk options
- Fix issue with bandit ship capture not cancelling patrolling.

- Actions should now finish quicker after their timer has elapsed.