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(Posted by Baugrems on Year 20 Day 190 23:05)

Phase 3 is here!

In this news post from before, you saw that we would be doing a bit of space combat for phase 3 of the Zoo Feud. The day has arrived so get ready to rumble! A few pieces of important news and some rules should be read ahead of time though!


Dissolved teams may join one of the other two teams for phase 3

Sport hunters unfortunately did not find enough support to gain any victories. They have been dissolved.

Tech Lovers did their best to come out over the other teams, but fell short of reaching the final round. They have been dissolved.

DNA Bashers held a solid second place despite being outnumbers by Tech Lovers. They are in the final round.

Zookeeper Alliance dominated the field, so far. Can they be defeated by DNA in this final round?


  • Commander Bob at the entrance of Zoo Stations is your only contact for phase 3.
  • Spawning your ships adds 10 points.
  • All ships for both teams will be Hostile owned, pay attention to the name of the ship.
  • Shoot down ships with the OTHER team's name.
  • Destroying an enemy ship adds 1 point
  • Destroying your own ships will give 1 point each to the enemy team.
  • No datapads or admins will give score updates. The score will remain unknown.
  • The phase will end on Y20 Day 201.
  • Renaming your ship to try to fool others into arrest is against the rules for this event.
  • The administration can add to these rules or punish for the golden rule as well. Don't try to cheat the system.


In Space Combat it is possible to disable/become disabled. A disabled ship can be boarded. While this is usually not an issue for your own ship, the hostile ships can be captured. This means if you board one and someone else captures it, you might be captured/killed. Be aware that capturing is NOT required or recommended for Phase 3, but is allowed.

Sometimes, a hostile ship will spawn on a sun. Do not fly into the sun to chase it. Shoot it from afar. You will die if you fly into a sun.


edit: Slicing became an issue so it was temporarily disabled. It’ll be back at the end of the event. 

edit2: Bandit capture is back! But it now earns 2 points. Capturing your own ships gives 2 points to the enemy.

edit3: Player spawned ships are now turned off, but a new enemy has appeared! These powerful ships at 0,0 in each of the event systems are worth 200 points to whatever team gets the final blow. Plus the individual who kills it gets a generic (not modded) version.

(Edited by Baugrems on Year 20 Day 198)