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(Posted by Clarr Solo on Year 20 Day 194 16:39)

Travel Planner:

- There is a new method for automating ship/vehicle travel: Travel Planner.
- Travel planner is available from the Travel dropdown in the cockpit.

Travel restrictions:
- Entities that are over weight/volume capacity now cannot start travel.
- Entities that are "disabled" cannot start travel. A timer for the disabled status shows in the cockpit view in left panel.

Line of Sight Changes:
- The calculations for line of sight have changed.
- This fixes some edge cases and in general will mean more squares are seen by sensors when there is something blocking.
- In particular, some bugs relating to facilities with sensors have been fixed, some bugs relating to stacking sensors have been fixed.

- Added the ability to select force training length
- Adding view container button to equipment screen under fitout when a container is selected
- Allow loading into cargo-containers on equipment screen by clicking-to-load the same way you would load other loadable items

- Fix crash when renaming infantry squads.
- Fix issue where could not party with ships when in docking bay (vice versa hangar bay vehicles)
- Fix issues with squad page not showing when Kick From Squad button is pressed
- Fix ordering of squadded entities on some pages (e.g. boarding page)
- Fix issue with auto room movement and locked doors
- Fix issue with auto room movement when initiated from boarding screen
- Fix tooltip not hiding after auto room movement
- Fix missing ID on datacard view (#5290)
- Fix map overlapping with info panel on galaxy map rules pages when on mobiles (#5291)
- Fix crash when descend travel form coordinates are left empty
- Fix issue when descending when not above planet
- Incorrect display of volume cap on equipment info box
- When repackaging items that includes a cargo-container, use the first cargo container provided instead of always creating a new cargo container (previously would delete all provided items and create a new cargo container)
- Can no longer sell NPC Market-owned items to the NPC Shop
- Dissolving factions now handle creatures properly (previously creatures would be left with a corrupt owner)
- Remote material access for facilities within same city
- Remove holomail link from menus (RIP)
- Update name of Question Centre link in menu
- Allow credit bulk sending from budgets, budget name will now appear on faction send events
- Fix issue when on splash screen pressing join button with inputs filled causing login error (instead of redirect to join page)
- Cockpit scanner list now loads "more entities" inline rather than reloading the page.
- You can now see fire delay status on cockpit scanners.
- Cockpit Weapons screen now ordered by range
- Fix issue where bacta tank could be used to heal creatures (this was not intended)
- Bacta tanks now show a timer when in use on the equipment screen.

- Update rules page to clarify there are only 9 possible skill points available from NPC levelling

- Fix issue in get-contained-items: byTypes paramter was ignored, setting recursive to true by default
- take-contained-item setting recursive to true by default


Hyperspace Travel Time Bug:

- There was a bug introduced that increased the length of hyperspace travel for some ships that were in hyperspace. If this increased your travel time greatly (> 1 day) please create a support ticket on support.swcombine.com with your handle, and your shipID, and your ship event showing the hyperspace jump (cockpit -> ship events).

(Edited by Clarr Solo on Year 20 Day 194)