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(Posted by Clarr Solo on Year 20 Day 215 20:19)

Known issue with this sync:
- Some NPCs and droids assigned to work in stations, facilities (for example mining) may show up outside and ontop of the thing they are working at. This is an existing issue (it used to affect repair only, now it may affect more things). It is a long running issue with how the "working" status is stored and will be fixed slowly over the next few syncs. It should not affect gameplay (your NPCs/Droids should still be inside the facility, it is simply a visual issue that they are showing up outside).
- Error message when adding production queue item: there is a workaround, make sure you select a image (click on a small image and a large image, even if its the defaults) using the "change image" button before adding a queue item. Will be hotfixed soon. Hotfixed.


Changes to Repairing:
- Repair no longer generates events for RM usage or credits sending (previously would generate many spamming events hourly).
- Credits sent will still show up under the transaction sheets, but will not generate an event or make notifiers flash.
- Some equations have changed, in general repair is overall quicker, the repair cycle occurs is less often, uses less RM, cost less credits.

- Fix issue with travel planner not considering ground travel duration when calculating cross terrain travel.
- Fix issue with travel planner being able to be used without pilot set (now same requirements as other forms of travel)
- Fix issue with travel planner where city you are currently in does not show up
- Fix custom image deny reason not showing properly.
- Fix issue when ground attack page crash when attacking enemy party that has moved
- Fix issue where character corpses could be claimed.
- Add check/warning that you are set as pilot to the cockpit tractor beam page
- Fix issue with GuardAction not being cancelled when capturing droid (If you have a droid acting weird and trying to attack things, repackage it into a crate or open a support ticket) [Issue occured when bandit squad with droid as leader was captured]
- The issue that caused duplication of wrecks during the event has had multiple fixes added.
- Fix issue with force student/master invitations not working.
- Fix issue with faction creation invitations.
- Added icon for disabled entities on the cockpit scanner.
- Cockpit docked ships/vehicles page, and cockpit materials page now segments load locations similar to the boarding page, loading targets are sorted by capacity.
- Cockpit scanner filter now stays applied when loading more entities, entities are sorted by in cockpit scanner.
- Fix issue with recycling crashing when returning materials when using a wrecker ship docked inside a station
- Fix issue with space combat XP when pilot of ships are unassigned or assigned to different character
- Add combat events for ship pilot and commander.
- Fix issue when pilot is reassigned during prospecting.
- Add event for ship capture failure.
- Fix issue with deleted entities causing crashes (crash caused by attacking something and own ship destroyed in return fire)
- Fixed a bug to do with Blue IFF status (wrecks) not showing up correctly in cockpit/room scanners.
- Fixing production applied custom images (does not affect things already queued)

Web Services API:
- Cargo Crate Product Type exposed as part of InventoryEntity route.
- Newly generated links to entities containing a “/“ in their name will now work (any old links will remain broken)
- Add developer-only priv to send_credits resource to allow bypassing credit limits on only the developer’s own account

(Edited by Clarr Solo on Year 20 Day 217)