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(Posted by Clarr Solo on Year 20 Day 258 17:07)

- We upgraded from php 7.1 to 7.3, this wasn't planned in advance, so YOLO.

- We were running on a very old version of some javascript libraries (jquery/jquery-ui), we have updated these through many major versions (from 2011 to 2019) and some javascript code will stop working. Please report any weird javascript UI issues.
- The following lines are some pages that used backwards incompatible jquery code and had to be updated:
- Fix crash on character templates rules page when viewing some templates (jquery update)
- Fix jquery error on CP exchange page
- Fix checkbox toggle selection

- The Forum code has been cleaned up and updated, this won't be visible for most people but some admin screens have been redone. Some code may be broken hopefully it's not critical to memeing.
- Some updates to fix some forum code exploits.
- Remove forum password checking code (it didn't work)

- Some large backend changes to how messages between players are stored.

- Fix production screen error (attempt number 2)
- Fix issue where vehicles were not showing up on room summary when in a hangar
- Workaround issue with NPC Transport not working well while certain actions (crafting, force training) are active
- Fix undersized under construction images on scanner
- Fix issue where wrecks would show up as loading locations
- Fix issue where building has blank name causing confusing events
- Fix inventory confirm box having multiple entries when cancelled
- Fix issue with Facility Construction when target facility is destroyed, leaving orphaned action
- Fix issue with Hook Timers
- Remove transaction around hook invocation code (causes bad hooks to crash instead of silently ignoring them)
- Fix issue where multiple faction creation member invitations can be sent to the same person
- Fix crash on shield generator page when inside something that does not have shield generators
- Prevent tractoring things under construction
- Fix an exploit with the error handler
- Fix issue where non-logged in players would not see some input validation errors (making character creation and account signup very confusing)
- Fix an issue where certain errors occurring as part of the tick were not showing up in the error handler
- Character skill sheet, NPC skill sheet, and skill distribute page has been redone to work better on mobile (column view only when wide enough)
- Fix issue where lightsaber parts would not show up in correct category after dropping in rooms
- Fix issue where the None field for inventory filter deposits does not work
- Fix issue with squad patrol routes when you leave a field blank
- Fix issue where unbuildable square in roads corner causes facility construction failure
- Fix issue where space bandit spawns would always be the same ship types
- Avoid crashing if unknown event type exists in database
- Avoid crashing in the failed action tool encountering an unknown action
- Arrested NPCs are not being removed from working status correctly
- Fix crash when ordering squad to follow while they have another active command
- Fix issue where build permission without valid orientation would crash construction page
- Make build permissions submission crash if supplied with invalid data
- Fix wrecks blocking station construction

Web Services:
- Regex issue preventing /Inventory/ WS resource from loading (#5318)