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(Posted by Syn on Year 20 Day 263 22:42)

There are currently a number of known bugs that forum users are likely to encounter. This includes the inability to mark forums read, and an issue where users banned from individual forums may find themselves banned from the entire board. These are in the process of being fixed.

A variety of other bugs have sprung up in SWC since the last sync as well. Should you encounter an issue, please check the Bug Base for a status update, or report it there if it has not already been reported. The #swc-help channel on SWC's unofficial discord server also has some pinned messages detailing known issues, and users there or in the Question Centre forums may be able to advise you further.


Y20D265 Edit: Timers for installing/uninstalling doors have been disabled due to an issue from the last sync. This results in the timer counting down but never finishing. We'll let you know when you may resume fortifying your assets. :)

(Edited by Evan on Year 20 Day 265)