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(Posted by Clarr Solo on Year 20 Day 271 19:44)

Regressions from previous sync:
- Installing locks fixed, and timers for them are re-enabled.
- Forum Mark As Read issue fixed (mark as read was not applying correctly).
- Forum bans issue fixed (individual forum bans were incorrectly applying against entire board).
- Forum board spelling made consistent again.
- An issue where you could not remove more than one item from an NPC fitout has been fixed (jquery update issue).
- Fixed missing confirm on starting location screen (jquery update issue).
- Fixed drag/drop not working on touch enabled browsers (jquery update issue). In particular, drag/drop is required in character creation to change skill group priorities.

- Several issues that caused long server recovery time after an extended outage have been addressed, future outages that affect server processing of actions (such as travel) will now recover more quickly.
- Most fields where you enter "names" have been limited to their correct length: in most cases 50 characters is the maximum length for names.
- Production missing materials error now shows the quantity of materials missing.
- The following pages have been improved for mobiles/narrow screens:
 - Members index page can draw as a single column when narrow
 - Character creation can draw as a single column when narrow
 - Achievements can draw as a single column when narrow