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(Posted by Clarr Solo on Year 20 Day 299 18:22)

HTTPS Enabled:

- The core of the website and the static images are sent via HTTPS now, and the website will redirect you into HTTPS most of the time. Update your bookmarks.
- Now would be a good time to consider changing your password to the website especially if like me you have used the same password for SWC for over 17 years. Reminder to always use a unique password for every website you use, and consider using a password manager (such as Keepass, Lastpass, 1Password, pass, etc). Account passwords are stored on our server with a unique salt and hashed using bcrypt.
- User submitted content may still be submitted via http, so the website will remain "mixed content" (for example: images in forum posts, images in descriptions and links to external sites)
- If you are having issues with parts of the page rendering, please whitelist this website in any security extensions you are running (such as ghostery, firefox tracking protection, etc), and disable "mixed passive content blocking" if you have it enabled for this website.
- Huge thankyou to Sel who did a lot of work over many weekends to update our software to be able to do this change.

Live Chat

- The IRC Live Chat applet has been discontinued, in its place is a page with connection instructions to IRC and an invite link to the discord server (discord link only shows to logged in accounts).
- Faction profiles with discord links in the "Chat" field will show up as discord invite on their faction profile.


- A number of bugs relating to duplicate travel actions and other duplicate actions have been fixed, in particular duplicate travel actions should no longer cause timers to pause for the entire game.
- Added custom item names to scanner
- Adding range select to summary credit view
- Fix display of uses on items without uses
- Fix missing zeros on rules pages
- Fix medical menu headings
- Fix inventory tooltip html being shown
- Market: make total bid count update on bid placed
- CP Exchange image submission field now only accepts numeric IDs
- Fix XSS in makeover confirm box
- Fix XSS in boarding events
- Fix XSS in hail screen
- Fix export cockpit scanner when focused on a single square (#5349)
- Travel planner: changing pilot now causes the travel plan to cancel at the next segment. Include events for travel planner into the ship event log (viewable in cockpit).
- Travel planner: when in hyperspace visiting the travel planner will show your hyperspace destination as the default location if no plan is set (previously it showed you 0, 0).
- Travel planner: When in a ship that cannot fly in atmosphere, travel planner will not show planet view after clicking on a planet


- Add justify plugin to CKEditor (simnews/gns editor), update from 4.10.0 to 4.12.1, make title field required on sim news and gns posting page
- Fix missing jquery-ui css file (and overwrite weird looking autocomplete css), remove unused colourPicker.php, slider.js, slider.css files
- Upgrade less.js to 3.10.3
- Hide jquery-ui accessibility text that shows up when you used autocomplete fields