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(Posted by Clarr Solo on Year 20 Day 361 12:38)

- Added an overview page for which faction forums you have access to. If you have special access to any faction forums they will show up on this page.
- Added checkbox to disable forum automatic linebreaks, to allow easier html things in forum posts like tables. When checked, you will need to add <br> or <p> tags manually to your post. This is accessible from the Add Post page (not via quick post).
- Added more audit events for faction forum modification.
- Increased length of forum name, description fields
- Fix bug with "factionPriv" forum permission, and forum permission strings are now mostly case insensitive.

Facility Constructions:
- There were a number of old facility construction actions under an old system that will be removed.
- Generally, these are ones that are started over 12 months ago and had not been completed.
- These were migrated to the new system. Due to some incompatabilities, anything that was migrated will currently be paused and the builder will have been reset.

- Fix issue where some item crates without max uses would crash when repackaging.
- Fix issue where the disabled overlay would not show up on combat report.
- Improved error messages when conditions to process alazhi into bacta are not met.
- Fix crash when no sensors available from cockpit.

- Hostile ships/droids that have been disabled will now no longer start travel. Currently, they may still continue travelling if they were previously travelling.
- Vehicle cockpits on the rules pages has had their background updated.
- Added quick link within the dropdown area to directly disembark when inside something you can directly exit from.
- Some look and feel changes: more fonts added, and selected fonts are more pervasive. Verdana is now the default font.
- You will get a (slightly wonky) live preview of skins and fonts when changing them.

Web Services:
- Events list resource changed.