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(Posted by Clarr Solo on Year 21 Day 25 23:30)

Website on Mobiles
- Tweaked how the website displays on mobiles. If you liked the older layout width better on your phone, go to your browsers page settings and enable "Use Desktop Site".

Asteroid Prospecting
- Asteroid prospecting now gives you XP, hooray!
- Asteroid prospecting now spams your cockpit events with more events, hooray!
- You can now issue a queued move into prospecting order from the map context menu. This is queueing behaviour is handled by travel planner, and should make asteroid prospecting more chill.
- This also works with planet based prospecting when you are at atmosphere level. Basically only for FK-7 squads though, so probably not as useful as its counterpart.
- Rules for asteroid mining should be released with next sync, and asteroid mining itself still on track to be released before all the juicy Y-8s are finished.

Travel Planner
- There is now an icon in the Inventory to populate the travel plan to a given asset's location.
- Additionally, the mishmash of icons in inventory have been cleaned up and moved to their own column, wow much clean.
- Fixed an issue where travel planner had an irrational fear of travelling on diagonals.

Bugs & Fixes
- Fixed an issue where a regular faction member with privs could expel the 2IC. 2IC is a privileged spot, only the leader can remove or expel the 2IC. (This particular issue was thought to be fixed many years ago, recent events made us re-test this).
- Improved information on skill allocate screen when below skill category minimums.
- Fixed an issue where entities with no ionic cap were permanently disabled. Entities with no base ionic cap cannot be disabled.
- Fixed an issue where cutting power to factories that were producing things was ineffective.
- Fixed an issue with Inventory filters: Some filters when combined together with themselves would generate the wrong results e.g. the "powered" filter.
- Fixed an issue where sometimes you could not see hidden cities on the galaxy map, related to how the city was assigned and owned.
- Fixed an issue with how identifiers for datacards are assigned.
- An issue where you could purchase multiple duplicate generic datacards has been fixed (maybe).
- The cockpit map context menu has been rewritten to allow it to be more hip and dynamic.
- Fixed a bug with deep space sector calculations, relating to sector borders/vertices. Deep space sectors are still cosmetic only.


Edit Y21D29

A follow up sync has fixed some regressions caused in the above sync. Forum quotes, station construction, and NPC skill point assigning should all be fixed.

Additionally, a new feature has been added to the scanner interface, where players and NPCs will now show a Heal option if they are injured and you are able to heal them. This is automatic, and will use the most powerful healing item you have equipped to your character. Healing is also still accessible from the Equipment page. More suggestions for quality of life changes such as this are welcome; the next option on this screen will likely be Repair for droids.

(Edited by Mikel von Bianchi on Year 21 Day 29)