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Posted by Baugrems on Year 21 Day 26 23:45

A discord server has been created between Seele, the Administration, and those interested in obtaining the shell of rebel datacards, lands, etc. The admin role is moderation and assistance at this time. To get an invite, please contact Baugrems on Discord (Baugrems#5197). Read the rules below before requesting access or I will ignore you/shame you.


Purpose: The Galactic Summit is an OOC conference to discuss moving forward with the critical story element of the anti-GE portion of the SWC community. With the seizure of the New Republic faction by the Galactic Empire, the SWC community must discuss options for managing the former-NR datacards, assets, and territory. The summit seeks to bring the directly involved parties together and reach a consensus of what the anti-GE power bloc in the game will look like, including leadership, where technology and assets will be distributed, and how the IU and anti-GE blocs can progress SWC's story.

Rules for the Galactic Summit:

1. Discussions are strictly OOC. We will discuss IC things and reasonings, but we are interacting as players, not as characters.

2. Be respectful to one another. This is a sensitive topic and it's not a nice thing to have occurred, but name-calling, vitriol, and rage will earn a ban.

3. You must have a direct interest in the discussion to be here. This is not a place for tourists and spectators, we need to discuss serious things and we don't need a peanut gallery.

4. Political "parties" or Factions may only have two (2) representatives each. We want to hear a diversity of thoughts and interests, but not have things drowned out by an alliance turning up with all of their nationalised factions.

5. No proposals or debates regarding game-mechanics. This isn't the place to specifically pitch ideas to the Administration or come up with game mechanics.


Message should include your handle, faction/group, role in said group, and a two sentence summary of your Rebel proposal.