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Posted by Baugrems on Year 21 Day 37 3:32

Help Wanted

Looking to make your impact on SWC? Want to get paid in Combine Points to do it? Join a team! 

There is an SWC team for just about every skillset. We have art team, descriptions team, NPC team, Scenario/RP team, Quality Assurance/Bug Testing team, the development team, and more.

Art Team: (Jic Uiji)

  • Job - Create 3D and 2D art for the combine.
  • Pay - Between 5,000 and 50,000 CP per model/piece. (Inquire inside for more info)
  • How to Join: Submit artwork for needed combine entities and assist others on forums/discord. They'll find you.

Descriptions Team: (Tomas O`Cuinn)

  • Job  - Write descriptions for entity types and for the galaxy.
  • Pay - 10,000 CP per month for activity (moderation, edits, comments). 500-10k CP per submission.
  • How to Join: Submit 3 successful descriptions on the public description suggestions forum. (You get paid for these too).

NPC/Quest Team: (Baugrems)

  • Job - Write dialogues for NPC types, droids, and creatures. Assist with Quests.
  • Pay - 10,000 CP per month for activity (mostly discord). Bonuses per script or quest available up to 10k CP.
  • How to Join: Write 3 sample dialogues using LISP. Message Baugrems with intent to join.

Scenario/RP Team: (Syn/Loki)

  • Job - Run Scenarios as GM for Scenario Hall.
  • Pay - 10,000 CP per month for activity. Bonuses available per scenario up to 30,000 CP.
  • How to Join: Message Syn.

Quality Assurance/Bug Testing Team: (Kay Dallben)

  • Job - Test new features for bugs and confirm current bugs.
  • Pay - 10,000 CP per month for activity. Bonuses possible.
  • How to Join - Message Kay Dallben with combine experience and available times to test.

Dev Team: (Clarr Solo and Mikel von Bianchi)

  • Job - Code new features and fix bugs for SWCombine.
  • Pay - 20,000 CP per month of activity. Bonuses available.
  • How to Join: Complete the Dev challenge and discuss it with Dev Team.

A rules page is being built for "How to join an SWC Team" soonTM that has this info for players to find.

(Edited by Baugrems on Year 21 Day 38)