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(Posted by Clarr Solo on Year 21 Day 74 20:55)

Look and Feel:

- Viewport options (the default width/zoom for pages on phones) are now configurable on the Look and Feel screen.
It's device specific so find a setting that works for your mobile if you don't like the defaults.

- Who Is Online page now more mobile friendly.
The Who Is Online page now has a quick link to send a message to players who have joined recently. This link will populate the message screen only with players handles who you have not already sent a message to.
The Search Profiles link in the right menu now links to the Who Is Online page.

- Improvement to the Credit Transaction sheet, made Mobile friendly, and some simple filtering ability added.

- The "overhanging header" issue on mobile has been fixed by moving the page layout to CSS Grid. Hopefully everybody is using a browser updated in the last decade.



- Fixed a bug with sector bounding coordinates in deep space.
- Unpowered warning shown on cockpit when inside an unpowered facility.
- Shield Gen and CCC cockpit functionality now does not function when unpowered (previously they did).
- Fixed Shield gens not shutting down when PG recycled.
- Fixed some issues with travel planner triggering when inside immobile things (stations/facilities)
- City creation events now linkified, taxes event has had information leakage reduced, and no taxes are returned for hidden cities.
- A bug with our HTML parser (used anywhere HTML is accepted) has been fixed to avoid extra list elements showing up.
- Fixed a bug on rules pages showing some hidden cities at 0,0.
- Hidden cities that you have privileges to see should now show up on the planet deposits inventory.
- Fixed an issue with faction dissolution hanging due to multiple join requests.
- Join requests page now shows a warning if you have no HQ/unpowered HQ.
- Faction join requests no longer expose the player's email address.
- Changed how multiple inventory filters stack again (so it prefers includes over excluding again).
- Fixed XSS on LISP Script Modules
- Added specific error for LISP variable names too long (max of 32 characters)
- Facility construction from city permissions now can edit the facility name on the construction confirm page.
- Fixed XSS on messages screens. Fixed issue with message impersonation. Messages from non-character sources should show specifically what they have been sent from if not a character.
- Scanner screen repair droid button added.
- Planet image max width on rules pages is 300px.


- WS Credit Limits removal