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(Posted by Clarr Solo on Year 21 Day 107 23:40)

Faction Requests

There is a new feature available to factions and faction owners.
Anyone with "view" inventory privileges can send faction requests. A request is a set of assets plus an inventory action (asset assignment, asset makeover, asset unprotection).
These requests can be seen and executed by people with appropriate privileges (assign privs, makeover privs or faction ownership).

You can raise requests via inventory actions, or access the list of requests from the factions menu.

Known issues:
- Error when "reason" field is left blank (Workaround: Put a non-empty reason in)



- Faction owner page reworked, in particular now it is less heavy to load when owning a lot of stocks.
- There is a new faction privilege "Can see Faction Status Overview" (leaders will need to assign this new privilege to people to use it)
- Fix crash on messages when trying to send message to purged character
- Removed "Lack of Interest" faction dissolution condition (it was never used)
- Fixed faction forum "infofield" permission checking
- You can now only see inventory actions you have privileges to do
- Assigning faction asset tags via inventory checked incorrect privs (now requires Assign Tags priv)
- Protecting assets via owner screen now generates batch events rather than one event per asset


Other Changes:

Maybe new issues with the following features:
- Faction Privileges storage major rework
- Asset Tags storage major rework
- Ctools rework

Y21 D108 Edit from Evan: Someone made a great tool that lets us delay the expiration of asteroid deposits. We've added more time to all deposits and will continue to do so until the full feature release of asteroid mining so that you can prospect without fear of your efforts going to waste. Be sure to thank Noctis!

(Edited by Clarr Solo on Year 21 Day 108)