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(Posted by Evan on Year 21 Day 126 19:52)

As promised, the administration has completed their audit of factions using Generic DCs. Those that were utilizing more slots than their memberbase could support had DCs removed until they were in compliance. For those factions that were particularly egregious, a credit penalty was also applied.

Please remember that the intention behind the Generic DC feature is to reward factions capable of providing engaging content and a community capable of supporting a larger number of members with the ability to expand their own manufacturing offerings. The intention is not to get enough friends to join for just long enough to acquire the desired DCs before going back to whatever group to which they truly belong.

If you have any questions, please contact your friendly neighborhood ASim (keyword is "friendly," so I obviously mean Noctis).


EDIT:  Because of the positive response, we will be conducting these audits randomly going forward - there will be no warning when they begin.  Be mindful of the requirements; and the numbers will be those at the time of the audit.  The fines may or may not increase each audit.

(Edited by Noctis on Year 21 Day 127)