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(Posted by Baugrems on Year 21 Day 203 0:59)

Galaxy Fest is starting soon around Day 257! This translates to around August 10th.

A recent GNS post revealed some rumors about the upcoming event. This Sim News should hopefully answer things clearly for everyone. Now that the date is fast approaching some more information is available.

How long? Where is it?

Planet Ord Mantell in the Bright Jewel Sector will be revealed this month. You will have over a month from its reveal to reach the fairgrounds. The festival itself will last 14 days. Afterwards, the planet will remain open as a theme park to visit, but will have worse prizes and less vendors.

Can I trade or pool tickets?

Yes. You will be able to work as a group to gather tickets, and a form of trade will be available (but fairly limited). Don't expect to buy everyone's tickets but people can feel free to make credits off of the event if they would rather do it that way. It will be worth your effort to use the tickets instead of selling them.


Can we land on the planet?

Nope! Transport to the planet will be done via Quest Shuttles that can be boarded from a station in orbit. Only individuals will be allowed to enter Galaxy Fest. The nearby moons are shielded and prepared for prizes, so you will be unable to land. A nearby Gas Giant will be the only place to land or hunt. The space station will not be dockable but it will be open for anyone to enter. After the opening event ends (14 days after opening), landing will be possible at the fairgrounds themselves.


What do we do at Galaxy Fest?

NPCs will be spread throughout the fairgrounds that offer a variety of games to play. These games will be based on skills, luck, and some wit. If you lack in one or all of those areas, you will still gain tickets from playing. You will be allowed to play each game once per day and they will be open for the entire festival. You will always gain at least one ticket per play, but a rare jackpot can really boost your tickets.


The rest of the festival grounds will be filled with vendors selling Physical Datacards (potentially rare), collectable items (like plushes and t-shirts), food and drinks, and more. Many things will be out there for you to discover beyond getting tickets or souveniers. 


What should I bring?

Nothing is required at all!

Optional Things to consider bringing:

  • Hunting Squad (Can't enter, but other things in system might call for them)
  • Medical Equipment (Same as above)
  • Rare Stuff to show off (Or sell?)

I have more questions!

The Quest Team is happy to answer questions. A forum thread can be found here in general talk.

(Edited by Baugrems on Year 21 Day 203)