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Posted by Varcessaro A`Rynelba on Year 21 Day 207 6:14

How's it do, all!

As of our last sync, we've introduced a new team to Combine: Art Queue Team.

We've decided to add this team for 2 reasons: to improve how quickly art is approved and to allow the Art Team to focus more on art and the creation or modification of rules rather than the enforcement of art rules. The Art Team will still have the final say on any approvals or denials as the Art Queue Team only deals with enforcement of the rules, so if you believe an image that was acceptable has been denied, you'll still need to bring it up with the current Art Team Director. If you have questions on how to fix the image or why the image was denied, however, you may also now contact the current Art Queue Team Director (me)!

We have 10 Art Queue Team members that have been picked due to their track record with following the art rules. Worry not, however! We may expand the art queue team in the future!

At this time, we won't be announcing who is on the Art Queue Team, though they may choose to do so themselves if they want to.

Feel free to send me a DM if you have any questions about the Art Queue Team or how it functions.

Thanks for your time!