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(Posted by Baugrems on Year 21 Day 228 12:40)

Development has continued well with Galaxy Fest and we are ready for next month's big opening!


That said, there needs to be an update to how tickets are handled. A lot of backroom discussions with admins and quest team for exact details has been going for a while now. It seems like the trade, even throttled, rose a lot of concerns of the big prizes simply being about who can buy others out or bring the most people into their group. With that in mind, some modifications have been made.


Tickets can not longer be traded in any form. Groups/Factions cannot pool tickets together.

Large prizes such as the moons will be handled differently as well. Instead of being purchased with a large pile of tickets, they will be set aside for the highest total earned over the 2 week event. You can feel free to spend tickets and not worry about missing out on the grand prizes. At the end, the top earners will get their pick of prizes in order of highest to lowest until they are gone.


This is an effort to make the event as fair as possible for every individual. While we do enjoy group play for many events, this isn't the type for it to work fairly. The prize list will be adjusted slightly to reflect this soon. Exepect some changes to but for most of it to remain about the same.