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(Posted by Baugrems on Year 21 Day 266 22:19)

3/4ths done with Galaxy Fest! The big event ends on Day 270 at 23:59 combine time.

Prize claiming will be open for an extra week but the games will close. Ever NPC including blueprint vendor, critter vendor, bartenders, etc. Will all be gone at close. Shuttles to the grounds will close and the prize ticket handler will move to the station in orbit.

Getting a ride home: A team of valets will be available at the Jubilee Wheel. They will confirm your desired teleport is a prize entity, that it is yours, and that your destination is valid. You may stuff as much stuff into your prizes as you want before teleport. Including characters such as yourself. Kidnapping with this method will result in heavy punishment. Don't do it. You will have a choice to teleport the prize without you, or with you onboard. It will cost 10 tickets per ride so make sure you save for it if you have many needs. These Valets will work for 2 weeks following the close of Galaxy Fest.

Credits spent so far at Galaxy Fest is at 150 billion. A majority coming from the blueprint vendor.

Leaderboard update: The top 30 are all still in the running to easily take first by the end. These amounts and the names will be released at the end. Top prizes will be selected by winners in descending order. Don't give up with this last push!

A few random games might still pop up as well. Keep your eyes peeled for bawoons, lost children, and other surprises from current personalities.

As always, please use the help channel on our discord server to report issues you find. Private messages to staff can get lost easily, so tag us in the channel so we can confirm we're around to field them before resorting to it. Quest Team can also answer most questions.

Rumor has it that there may be more action in the Bright Jewel system sooner than most think. Think twice before running home right away.


EDIT:  There's a balloon on the loose.  Pop it!

(Edited by Noctis on Year 21 Day 269)