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(Posted by Kyle on Year 21 Day 280 7:41)

Taking care of some minor items on my todo list. 

  • 3PO Droid Loses its Infantry Command Skill...who in their right mind would trust him heading out into battle.
  • The Glaive weapon has been renamed to Chakram since well that is what the picture is, and a glaive is a polearm not a thrown weapon
  • Updated Batch Size of some droids as well from 1 to 2. Mostly the Astromechs that weren't already 2, Protocol Droids and Labor Droids
  • Updated Batch Size of Battle Droids from 2 to 4 

In other news now that Galaxy Fest is over, would like to thank everyone that participated and both galaxy fest itself and the survey we did afterwords. This information should help us improve future galaxy scale quests and events. Those interested in helping out with those events and quests  or the smaller scale quests, can apply to the Quest team by working up a script in LISP using a custom NPC or a Protocol Droid and showing us what you can do. Submit applications to Baugrems and if accepted you will get the chance to help work on that stuff and more.

On a final note, since it was asked a bit lately. I'll see about getting our development roadmap updated and posted or fixing our projects page eventually so we can show it there.This one is slgihtly outdated was made early this year but for the most part this is what we are marching towards.

(Edited by Kyle on Year 21 Day 280)