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(Posted by Kyle on Year 21 Day 287 12:54)

This weekend sometime we will be converting all existing recycling factions to be mining factions. This will be done in several stages over the next couple days until this weekend.

  • Stage 1 - Completed
    • Ugly Datacards will be granted to Mining Factions
    • Mining Factions will be granted the ability to produce said uglies.
    • Grant the specific datacards granted to all Recycling factions to grant them to Mining factions
    • Allow mining factions to recycle
  • Stage 2 - Completed
    • Convert all existing recycling factions to mining factions
    • Disable the creation of new recycling factions
  • Stage 3 - Pending
    • Update the rules pages to correctly show mining factions rather than recycling wherever they are located.

We wanted to give you all a few days heads up so you can plan accordingly and not be completely and totally shocked by this. This will be updated as the various stages and processes are done so everyone is kept in the loop. This has been a long ongoing effort to consolidate faction types, more such efforts might happen in the future when we are able to do it. At the end of stage 1 all existing mining factions should have the abilities of recycling factions, while stage 2 is cleanup efforts.

Edit: Stage 1 is completed.

Edit 2: The prospecting vehicles can now also be produced by mining factions as well. Also we have decided if you are part of a group that already have a mining faction and thus will dissolve your current recycling faction. Reach out to Baugrems to get a rembursement of the initial startup cost for the recycling faction.

Edit 3: Stage 2 Completed and moved rules to Stage 3

(Edited by Kyle on Year 21 Day 289)