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(Posted by Baugrems on Year 21 Day 365 13:10)

Two announcements, both being shoved into one sim news!

A long running complaint about the experience/leveling system in the game has been the absolute advantage of ground combat. It is hard to compete with a dedicated hunter even if you build like crazy and produce a ton. To... combat... this advantage we have added a system to scale various types of XP in the game. Individual adjustments can now be made to the xp system on a percentage based scale. It might take some time to fine tune it to good levels, so keep an eye out for future announcements about adjustments.


Subject to change, here is the list of changes:

Travel experience is doubled (200%)

Production experience is now at 220%

Construction experience is at 130%

Station Construction is at 150%

Space Combat is at 130%

Everything else is staying as is FOR NOW. We will watch and adjust if needed. There is also potential for "double XP weekends/Holidays". A rules page is under construction to display current levels of xp as well.


MOVING ON! Newbie Tutorial System is next!

We announced not that long ago that we were working to change new player experience. This system is now live for newly created characters. There is an option to skip and spawn as 'usual', but the default will be to do the learning quest. At some point we will add in the ability for people to go back and try the quest, but it is not set up yet for that. 

Evan made a really cool guide page for the newbie quest world. He will finish it off soon but for the moment it covers the first half of the quest. Feel free to reference the page so you know what newbies have seen.


The list of "Joined in the last 24 hours" will no longer display newbies who... joined in the last 24 hours. It will instead show those that completed the newbie quest in the last 24 hours (or skipped it).