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(Posted by Baugrems on Year 22 Day 4 3:58)

This is a fairly large change and really the first of a chain that will be coming over the next while. This won't affect how most people see combat, but a few will see big changes to their strategy with just this one simple change.

For players level 3 and up, dropping to 1hp in any way (combat, doors, Quests, creature scripts, etc.) will be stunned for 10 hours. This creates an additional fire delay and acts the same as a combat fire delay. This will greatly discourage some of the poor methods of bashing on creatures unarmed/lightly armed for weeks. And it will force some of you to be more strategic in how you approach combat in general.


The 10 hour time is adjustable but is unlikely to change soon. Other enhancements we make to combat/the game will be tied to this as well. Stay tuned and enjoy the current wrench in your xp farm!