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(Posted by Galia Winters on Year 22 Day 21 5:10)

Jic Uiji has stepped down as the Art Team Director and has made myself Art Director in his place. I would like to thank Jic for his time and effort, especially as he continues to help the Art Team and SWC as his time and energy allows. Please if you have the time or inclination, Thank Jic Uiji for his work as Art Director!

It is my goal and focus to breath some new life into the Art Team with some minor internal changes and help guide and teach those who want to learn to do art for SWCombine. Also the Art Team is always looking for team members who are willing to work for CPs and work in a team environment. While more will be done on this topic later, I wish to welcome anyone with any 3d art skill and the desire to work in a good art environment to help SWC, to contact me directly. If you are looking to learn and think you have the time and energy to learn 3d art, feel free to reach out as well. I learned art for SWC and it has become a passion of mine to teach, instruct, guide, and help the next generation of artists here.

To maximize effectiveness of the Art Team, I will leave the Art Queue Team alone and under its current management, giving me more time to focus on other Art Team projects and management. For all art queue issues please contact Art Queue Director Varcessaro A`Rynelba.


For any other Art Team issues, complaints, suggestions, etc... please contact Art Team Director: Galia Winters

If you would like to contribute art but not as part of the Art Team, you can do so here. 

(Edited by Galia Winters on Year 22 Day 21)