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(Posted by Paul Luz on Year 22 Day 21 9:06)

The Descriptions Team is nearing the end of their Galaxy Audit, where we have checked each and every system for planets that had descriptions for the wrong planet attatched. We moved descriptions around to the proper planet were we could, but in the end many, many planets are sadly without descriptions. Planetary descriptions help immerse players in this galaxy by helping them explore Lore and Combine history, give RP's more flavor, help fill out character histories, and more. We need your help to give more life to the galaxy.

For Year 22, we are offering DOUBLE CP's for each and every approved description of a currently undescribed planet. This includes planets with the short 'survey marker' descriptions. This means that with a little effort, you could earn up to 10,000 cp's per description. Before submitting a description, please be sure to read the rules- this is will help maximize your compensation. 

::Forum - Submitting Descriptions - Everything you need to know and more. - Star Wars Combine:: (swcombine.com) 


We've cleared out the Description Suggestion backlog and are ready to work with you and bring this galaxy to life! 


-Your friendly neighborhood Descriptions Director 



(Edited by Paul Luz on Year 22 Day 21)