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Bounty Hunting is coming! As you can tell from the title we are releasing the Bounty Hunting Questlines for Life Day (Christmas Time).

Everyone can participate no matter your faction or stats. Though you may find it difficult to rank up or succeed without some equipment and NPC soldiers.


So get yourself prepared to hit up a local tavern for a contract this holiday season. There are a lot of potential rewards that won't be explicitly revealed right now, but a keen eye might see clues!


Kill targets in order to claim them while holding a bounty hunting fob. Then return with the successful bounty puck to the guild contact who sent you.


At this time we are not seeking testers for the quest. Adjustments may be made in real time as data comes in though so expect drop rates and the physical challenge to possibly change.


Rank up by completing missions and unlock better rewards in a Guild Shop that lets you leverage your hunting reputation for goodies.





Details on how to begin and who to contact will be available in future postings (Both SIM and GNS).


Creative members may find clues out there now as to what to expect for rewards, but we are not saying what they are for now.