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Posted by Baxter Snow on Year 22 Day 93 22:04

Bounty Hunters of the Galaxy, rejoice! The fine people responsible for the firmware on your tracking devices have pushed a galaxy-wide firmware update with some...erm, minor modifications. You might have to be more patient with your scans, but you should have a better idea of which direction to travel right off the bat. Rules page has been updated accordingly.

Update: There appears to be some concern about the new tracking mechanics. Some of this is likely due to changes in the rules page, which is meant to stand alone and not explictly compare to the old mechanics. Please take note of the following while using the new feature and providing feedback.

  • There is no randomness in the scanning result. The only factors are your skills, the target's skills, and the distance between you on a galactic scale.
  • Re-scanning in the same location will always provide the same result.
  • The target lock will always provide you with the highest level of detail i.e. system, planet, and surface location.
  • If your skills and the target's skills are equal, you will hit the 10%/75% thresholds at the following distances:
    • You will score under 10% from a distance of 94 or greater. You will only receive a bearing to the target. This bearing will always be correct.
    • You will score between 10% and 75% between a distance of 26 and 93. You will receive a bearing and range estimate to the target. They will always be correct.
    • You will score above 75% (solid lock) at a distance of 25 or fewer. You will receive the detailed target location. This will always be correct.
  • Regardless of your skill level, you will always have a solid target lock when in the same system as the target.

We appreciate your fervant feedback, especially if it is based on experience trying the feature at least once, and provides constructive and actionable recommendations.

Update 2: After an exhaustive review of player feedback and extensive discussions within the development team, the decision was made to remove the new "Scan Delay" feature and return to the "Cooldown" method. The base XP for contract completion was also increased slightly. Several values that were previously constants have been replaced with properties, allowing ASims to more easily perform minor tuning adjustments in the future. The new tracking methodology (direction-based "radar") will remain. The thresholds have been adjusted slightly to provide better range feedback once the hunter is in terminal guidance. The rules page is updated accordingly.

(Edited by Baxter Snow on Year 22 Day 96)