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Posted by Galia Winters on Year 22 Day 94 18:45

NPCs, custom and otherwise, will now have to have a race image that reflects their current race. No more clone, stormtrooper, or other helmets may be displayed on the NPC's image itself. Instead it will need to be applied to the armor the NPC wears. This is not a retroactive change, but one going from this day forward. There is one exception to this ruling, and that is races that typically have traditional/race face coverings, such as but not limited to Jawas and Tuskens. In regards to this exception, they still may not have any entity within the NPC image other than traditionall racial head coverings. So as an example you want a Clone or Stormtrooper custom for instance, you can customize the armor/gear but not the NPC image which must reflect their race. Existing customs will be phased out once their approval timer expires. All other existing rules apply. Thank you.