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Posted by Falcon on Year 22 Day 98 19:39

Congrats to Spree Razzix for winning the final round of Deathmatch! We hope you have a newfound sense of pride and accomplishment. As such, A new round has started. Vote to your heart's content!

And now a moment to look at the grudge matches ending this week:

  • 369 of you think Bounty Hunting needs to include Space Combat. We applaud your enthusiasm and instead point you towards Klug. I'm told if you're able to dock his ship, you win a prize? Someone please confirm.
  • 363 of you apparently hate all false sith lords, though I think Arthur is the most handsome of the three listed(Call me?)
  • The last grudge match seemed awfully divided. While I can appreciate the humor behind aborting hyper into a star(seriously, though... the chances of that are so slim it wouldn't ACTUALLY happen to anyone right...?), most of you would either sacrifice yourself for the greater good of the galaxy or go out in an epic lightsaber duel(how original).


This week, we have some spicy grudge matches for you! Thanks to everyone who submitted a grudge match! There were so many submissions, we couldn't list them all. Look for them in the coming weeks, and continue to submit your grudge match ideas if you have them!

  • We look forward to seeing how to implement Force Sensitivity, so long as your name isn't Virak.
  • Vote on your favorite JOx variant!
  • And of course, this rotation's grudge matches wouldn't be complete without asking your opinion on the helmet rule(I think I got about 10 variants of this grudge match)


As always, have fun with this week's deathmatch and grudge matches!