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Posted by Falcon on Year 22 Day 112 13:58

Alright Laddies and Ladies, Deathmatch has been advanced! There were some pretty close votes right out of the gate, so I'm curious to see how this tournament ends.

I've also put some new grudge matches up for you:

  • First up is a completely and totally accurate list of characters from the Star Wars series, and we want to know your favorite! (Maybe for another hidden race??)
  • Second is your favorite ground battle tactic... sans pictures. I guess we don't believe in them anymore.

If you're mad that those are your only options, well then shame on you because you didnt submit any grudge match ideas(unless you're the one person who submitted both of the above)! 

And of course, we can't forget last round's results!

  • It seems as though none of you actually know how to get The Force. Ask Virak Kira, maybe he knows?
  • In true fashion, JOE is the most popular of the Jawa variants, which JOU(who?) coming in last place
  • Lastly, it would appear as though no concensus could be reached on the helmet issue, wait what's this? HR is telling me I need to read this card that says you all want helmets. Why would I talk about such lies? Oh well... maybe you all can be more decisive this round.

Alright peeps, that's all for this week's deathmatch and grudge match updates. We'll see you next time(with more grudge match ideas hopefully?)